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Older people advised about staying cool over the summer

19th July 2016

Older people in South Gloucestershire have been reminded about the importance of staying cool over the summer months, with recent temperatures soaring and more heatwaves expected.

The hotter weather over the summer can tire anyone of us more easily. While taking a break and sitting back in our rise and recline chair can help to keep us cool, calm and collected, a care group in South Gloucestershire has offered some practical advice to its elderly residents to keep their temperature down when the sun burns bright.

When the weather proves warmer, Managing Director of Bluebird Care in South Gloucestershire Jack Whitfield said: ““Primarily, people are at a much higher risk of dehydration in the hot weather.”

In an article that appeared on the South Gloucestershire Gazette website, Whitfield continues:

“The body requires considerably more fluid when the temperature rises outside, but many avoid drinking more water because going to the loo can often be a real struggle in itself.”

He went on to suggest that older people should try to drink more in order to stay properly hydrated when it’s hot outside and not to put themselves at risk of urinary tract infections by avoiding going to the bathroom.

Whitfield offered guidance to those close to an older person about recognising the tell-tale signs of such infections, suggesting that abnormal confusion as well as the person becoming increasingly agitated could all be indicators that they are uncomfortable.

When we’re fortunate to get a warm summer, for the most part it’s enjoyable for everyone - offering the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, head to the beach or take our favourite book into the back garden.

It’s when temperatures become unbearably hot that we need to be more aware of the danger that warm weather poses to those in their later years. Heatwaves over a longer period can trigger health problems for older people and so it’s vital that we take care to stay cool over the summer.

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