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Older people should be able to choose where they live

16th January 2014

With the many innovations that have taken place in the design of stair lifts and walk in baths in recent years, The Guardian has reported how it now seems baffling that many older people are still being forced to live in conditions they are not happy with.

The article explains how it has been proven that, by allowing older citizens to retain their independence - which is achieved in part through the installation of mobility aids - they are able to ’blossom’, as they can generally do more for themselves without becoming frustrated.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People, chaired by Lord Best, released a report in 2012 entitled ‘Housing our Ageing Population: Plan for Implementation’ (‘HAPPI’) which outlines ways in which housing could become better suited to older generations. Changes such as building more well-designed housing in which stair lifts for the elderly can be easily fitted into properties could dramatically impact on health, with evidence from the report suggesting that, if more housing met with HAPPI standards, it would reduce the need for NHS and social care services amongst the elderly population.

A need for change

The Guardian suggests that the more independence a person is given to carry out daily tasks, the more likely they are to continue living a healthy lifestyle and be able to perform such tasks by themselves without any outside assistance. Mobility aids like Handicare’s walk in baths and showers can contribute much towards this goal, as they provide a solution for a common daily activity which can prove extremely frustrating for those with mobility difficulties.

Whilst these devices and aids are available to all who need them, the Guardian article suggests that the country still needs more dedicated information and advice services to help the elderly make choices about where to live in their later years and which aids are out there to help them.

Handicare’s wide range of mobility aids come with a bespoke advice and guidance service. Their friendly team are ready and waiting to answer any questions their clients may have about which mobility aids would be right for them and their home.

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