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Oldest woman in Europe reveals her secrets

28th February 2015

Having lived through two world wars during a life that currently spans three centuries, many may like to take tips from 115-year-old Emma Morano, who is the oldest woman in Europe. Living in Verbania, Italy, Ms Morano is now the fifth oldest person in the world and claims that her long and healthy life is down to eating three raw eggs a day. She claims that she has been eating her secret ingredient for a longer life since she was a teenager, as doctors advised that it would counter her anaemia.

Ms Morano became famous on her 110th birthday when she joined the ranks of 74 other living supercentrians, who are nearly all female. She is the fifth oldest person in the world and has been single since a separation from her husband in 1938. Born on 29th November 1899 in northwest Italy, she moved to Verbania as a young woman and has lived there ever since. Living to an old age seems to run in her family, as one of her sisters lived just short of 100, while another lived until she was 102.

The secrets for maintaining a long and healthy life

Researchers have often travelled to visit Ms Morano in order to try and discover how she has managed to live as long as she has. It is thought that genetics determine 20-30 per cent of a person’s lifespan, while the rest is down to factors such as lifestyle choices. There are many key behaviours which have been discovered to delay old age, including having a healthy social and family life, as well as exercising.

Even those who rely on mobility aids such as rise and recline chairs and home stairlifts can take up gentle exercise and maintain their independence, which will help to prevent the signs of ageing.

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