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Parallel London breaks down barriers

22nd September 2017

Exercise should be an enjoyable pastime that allows people to get out in the open and enjoy their surroundings. This can be difficult for many people, especially if they are disabled or struggle with mobility. While special home facilities like a new curved stairlift can make life more comfortable, there is a lack of inclusive events.

Parallel London is celebrating its second year in the city and continues to draw a crowd as the only completely inclusive fun run. With no constraints on finishing times for its 10km, 5km, 1km and 100m races it means anyone can join in on the fun. The organisers also allow competitors to jog, run side by side, walk or be pushed as they encourage everyone to take part. 



New to this year’s event is the Super-Sensory 1km, which is specially designed for those who suffer from dementia, have learning difficulties or are on the autism spectrum. This 1km incorporates elements of sound scent, texture and lights to make it interactive.

The fun run takes place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the mayor of London has pledged his support for the event for five years. The festival element of the day is a ‘colourful celebration of inclusivity’ with family, food and drink, and mobility zones among the plethora of areas. The main stage saw some new acts but one of the acts that return is the Wildcats Academy, a theatre school based in Stamford that prides itself on an inclusive attitude. Wildcats Academy focuses on building confidence and self-esteem to perform at events such as Parallel London.

Not only does Parallel London allow people of every ability to participate, it also builds awareness outside of the community and encourages the able-bodied to participate and build relations with those less mobile. 

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