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Perfect Mother’s Day gifts and treats for grandma

26th February 2019


Mother’s Day is a special time of year, a time to celebrate and show affection to those important women so central to a family. While organising treats and gifts on this lovely day for mum is certainly a nice thing to do, this doesn’t mean we should forget the other important women of the family – grandmothers. Grandmothers are mothers too after all, and just because their children don’t need them as much as they once did, doesn’t mean they can’t be celebrated and pampered as well on Mother’s Day. So, if you feel like showing some affection for grandma this Mother’s Day, either by giving your mum a present from their grandchildren or treating your own grandmother to a nice surprise, make sure to read the below suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts and treats.

A family day out


While gifts wrapped and presented are always nice to receive, there’s nothing better than creating new precious memories with loved ones. As such, grandma will appreciate being treated to a day out somewhere with her family – the good news is that there are myriad accessible locations available so even if your grandmother requires the use of an indoor stairlift, there will be a lovely destination you can take her to. So, start planning and arrange a special outing to something you know Grandma will enjoy and where she can spend quality time with her grandchildren.

Laura from the motherhood and lifestyle blog Autumn’s Mummy, recommends this type of gift as her top suggestion for treating Grandma this Mother’s Day: “My top suggestion for Mother's Day is to do something that involves spending quality time with your grandma. How about taking her out for an afternoon tea? Alternatively, if there's a museum that interests you both or if you both enjoy shopping, those would be lovely ways to spend a few hours.”

Laura also spoke to us about how important it is to include grandmothers on this special day of the year: “I think it's very important that grandparents don't get left out on Mother's Day. They have a very important role and I think it is important that we make sure all mothers in the family are celebrated. I was brought up to buy a card and gift for my grandmothers on Mother's Day, as well as my mum and am continuing to do the same with my daughter now that I'm a mum myself.”

Fresh flowers to her door


While picking up some flowers from your local shop is always a nice and thoughtful idea – helping to brighten up a room – why not take things one step further and buy grandma a subscription to a fresh flower delivery service? Instead of just one bouquet on one occasion, imagine grandma’s surprise to learn that she will be receiving a regular delivery of beautiful flowers right to her door. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. Companies like Bloomon are ideal for such a gift, with their service designing a bouquet each week and then sending it to your chosen address per a customized delivery schedule chosen by you. Better still, membership can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Gifts from grandchildren

Grandmother’s love receiving gifts from their grandchildren so why not arrange some little presents that your kids can surprise grandma with this Mother’s Day? These needn’t be expensive as what grandma will truly appreciate is something that will continue to remind her of her precious grandchildren. Photos always make a good gift in this regard, so how about putting together a homemade photo album of the little ones that grandma can look back on lovingly for years to come? If you are willing to get creative, there are all sorts of things that can be achieved, from DIY mugs with personalised messages from the kids, to fun paintings and drawings. Have a think and give grandma something unique to enjoy this year.

Catered family meal


One way to make this Mother’s Day truly one to remember for grandma is to arrange a cosy shindig for the whole family. Grandma will love seeing the whole family come together for a happy celebration and by getting the evening catered, you can look forward to gourmet cuisine without having to leave the house! If you think this is something grandma would like this year, someone like More More More – who delivers freshly prepared gourmet meals right to your door – is worth looking into. With great food and even better company, this lovely family occasion will end up providing the best gift of all to grandma this Mother’s Day, precious memories with loved ones that she can look back on for years to come.

Wine/spirit gift set

No two grandmothers are the same, of course, but the gift of a nice bottle of wine or favourite beverage is pretty standard practice when it comes to present giving. In order to make grandma’s gift a little bit more special this year, however, why not present her with an exciting wine/spirit gift set, comprised of some of her favourite beverages! Instead of bringing around just one bottle to enjoy with grandma this Mother’s Day, present her with a case that she can look forward to enjoying with you and the family over many evenings to come. Naked Wines and Oddbins both have a top selection of cases for various occasions, perfect for gifting or to bring over for any big Mother’s Day celebrations you are planning with the whole family.

Perfect gifts for grandma this Mother’s Day


  • A family day out
  • Fresh flowers to her door
  • Gifts from your children
  • Catered family meal
  • Wine/spirit gift set

While recent reports suggest that people in the UK are happiest after 70, Grandma still deserves a treat so make sure not to leave her out this Mother’s Day. So, if you are wondering what it is that you can do to show grandma how much you and the family appreciate all she does, have a think about some of the above ideas and organise some wonderful gifts to make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

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