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Personalising your stairlift

17th December 2013

A stairlift can be an attractive feature of your home as well as a way of getting up and down the stairs in comfort; here, we cover the many ways in which you can personalise a stair lift for the home in your own style and for your own needs.

Seat type and colour

There are several different types of seat available to choose from, depending on your preference or specific mobility needs. Standard seats provide excellent lumbar support, whilst perch stairlifts offer support for those who find it difficult to bend at the knee.

All seats come in durable fabrics and in a selection of colours that can make a stairlift an attractive part of a home, rather than an unsightly but necessary extra. From reds and blues to neutral tones, these colours can easily fit into a variety of styles if a renovation or redecoration could be happening in the foreseeable future.

Stairlift rail and track

The track for straight stairlifts is fitted to the stair tread and not onto the wall, which makes it less likely that a renovation and redecoration of the walls will be needed; there is no need to worry about the stairlift rail clashing with the rest of the d

colour to match the d

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