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Powys opposes cuts to elderly services

21st February 2014

Residents in Powys have opposed a suggestion by the local council for making a series of cuts to elderly support. The council survey received over 1,000 responses to the proposed cuts that would see stair lift users and other vulnerable elderly residents experience cuts to services such as meals on wheels and daycentres.

While the council’s final budget decisions are yet to be made – with an announcement due to be made following a meeting on 25th February - over 1,000 of the 1,247 people surveyed expressed views against any cuts. The cuts are due to affect the area’s most vulnerable residents, including home stair lift users who struggle with mobility and the isolated elderly. Having launched a questionnaire on the proposed cuts to services in Powys in January, it is clear that many of the local residents are deeply concerned over the new plans put forward by the council.

Service cuts

These latest suggestions have been put forward in the hope that they could work towards saving the local council £20 million in the next financial year and £40 million over the following three years. In order to achieve such a figure the council has proposed cutting the meals on wheels service altogether, which is seen as a lifeline for many elderly residents who cannot cook for themselves. Such residents have very limited mobility, relying on motorised riser recliner chairs in the home to feel comfortable.

If approved, other changes would include a six-fold increase in the price of elderly day centres, with daily costs rising from £6 to £35 in a move that would save the council £10,000. When it came to this proposed price hike, only seven percent of residents surveyed were in favour and a massive 83 percent were against.

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