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Return of bus service celebrated by elderly

25th September 2014

Residents of a retirement village in Gloucester are celebrating the return of a bus service that helps them get out and about in their community. With many of the residents suffering from mobility problems and relying on the help of stair lifts and other such aids, the return of the service comes as a welcome relief as it will offer many of them their independence and freedom back. 

The bus service is said to make a huge difference to the lives of elderly residents in the area whose mobility is severely reduced. For those who rely on mobility aids and stair lifts to get around, the bus service’s return is greatly welcomed as it helps them get out of the retirement village and helps combat the isolation reduced mobility can cause.

“Our residents can be more independent”

Those in charge at St Oswald’s Retirement Village are thrilled with the news of the bus service’s return. Village activity facilitator Chloe Robbins, said in this article, “This service means that our residents can be more independent because they are able to get into the city centre on their own.”

The service was first withdrawn in August 2011, just a year after the retirement village was opened, which is now home to over 200 residents. Since this time, residents have really struggled to get out and about, particularly those who are reliant on orthopaedic rise and recliner chairs and similar assistance as they would have to rely on friends and staff to get to the city centre.

At the time of writing the renewed service had only been in place for a week, but it had already been well-used by residents, proving it to be of huge benefit to the older residents who live in Gloucester.

The news comes as bus routes across the country are being debated, with the ageing population of Britain calling for more to be done by way of public transport suitable for the older generation.

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