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Riser recliner chair market growing within the UK

13th September 2013

UK providers of riser recliner chairs are reporting that their quality products are becoming increasingly sought after by those who are looking to have a chair for the elderly added to their home. The latest edition of the magazine produced by The Homecare Industry Information Service reports that a number of companies are reporting steady growth in the numbers of orders that they are receiving.

Manufacturers of riser recliner chairs are reporting that the marketplace holds plenty of promise for British manufacturers, with more and more customers choosing to purchase quality products from manufacturers within this country, rather than pay cheaper prices for poorly-made equipment that is imported from overseas manufacturers.

Independent-living aids such as home stair lifts and riser recliner chairs can be a considerable financial investment and the highest quality products are designed to last for years, so purchasing a high quality product from a respected name makes financial sense in the long run. As well as providing the best in terms of safety and comfort, many UK companies offer warranties that mean that the customer does not need to worry should the product develop a fault. This level of aftercare does not come from overseas imports, so for great service and a great product, UK manufacturers can provide the best range of products.

Whilst more people are turning away from overseas manufacturers of independent-living aids, the number of people within the UK who could benefit from riser recliner chairs and other aids is increasing thanks to the country's ageing population. Various surveys and polls have shown that older people with mobility difficulties would rather stay at home than go into a care home, and quality aids such as riser recliner chairs from UK manufacturers with the skill to create a personalised product can help to achieve this.

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