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Sanitary items are not the only products to get taxed at 5%

25th February 2015

Following the recent petition of 125,000 signatures, which call for an end to tax on sanitary products, it has also been brought to the public’s attention that there are a number of other products affected. These include items such as mobility products for the elderly, cessation products for smokers, and maternity pads for women who have recently given birth. Many people feel that products such as these should not be taxed at all, as they feel the current claim that they are non-essential luxury items is false.

For example, people over 60 are required to pay 5 per cent tax for mobility aids such as stairlifts, grab rails, and walk-in baths if they are being bought and installed in a private home. However, if these criteria aren’t met, the full 20% VAT is expected to be paid on those items. On the other hand, disability equipment for disabled people is VAT exempt.

Making people aware of the reduced tax rates

The items can be ordered by a friend, local council or charity and you will still be eligible for the reduced tax. Company’s such as Age Co Mobility will be aware of the reduced rate and will be able to apply it for customers as long as the criterion are met, which can be found on the government website. Customers will then have to sign a declaration, confirming in writing that all the criteria such as their age are met.

It is thought that the petition to end the tax on sanitary products is unlikely to be successful, as there are strict rules set by the EU, which means that the rate cannot currently drop below 5 per cent. Other products which have a 5 per cent tax rate include car seats for children, solar panels, and energy equipment and supplies. It is thought that this is also applicable to booster chairs, booster seats, and carry cots with restraint straps.

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