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Sheffield charity helps ease loneliness in the city

18th August 2017

Project intake is a new initiative that has been set up by concerned residents and businesses in Sheffield. Loneliness and depression can be common particularly among older adults, regardless of location. It is often most prevalent in those with limited mobility, mainly due to the barriers of getting out and about as much as their peers. Though going out for a coffee may seem a small journey, if you have to ensure access to a clean a disabled bathroom, it can quickly become a more arduous task.

The charity is making sure that the most isolated in the community, especially the elderly have more regular human contact. A spokesman from the charity mentioned the prevalence of loneliness to The Star: “The dreaded PPI phone call or fortnightly visit from the window cleaner, are sometimes the only conversations that help ease the epidemic affecting 1.2 million older people in England - loneliness.”


To overcome this Project Intake is looking at different ways to get people more involved from the communities. This has seen real success with the community lunch receiving the full support from other businesses. While some showed support through donating raffle prizes, others catered the community lunch and with a coffee morning becoming a regular fixture, this support for the lonely in Sheffield is set to continue.

The small budget this charity operates on exhibits the difference that can be made with enthusiasm and a will to help others. By involving other members of the community, Project Intake has not only been able to extend the number of people they have helped, but also continue to build the support network in the area.

Though the occasion may seem small, involving an older member of the community may have an enormous impact on their emotional well-being. This is especially important for those who have limited mobility.

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