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Shoulder to Shoulder helps servicemen get stairlifts

13th January 2014

The East Anglian Daily Times’ (EADT) Shoulder to Shoulder campaign is looking to help men and women who have served our country and are in need of mobility assistance.

A former Royal Air Force member, David Primmer - who now works as a caseworker for the Royal British Legion (RBL) - has praised the campaign, which works with the RBL to make the lives of former servicemen and women easier, with the most common needs reportedly based around mobility.

The campaign is said to receive many requests daily, ranging from World War II veterans in need of a new cooker to younger ex-service people who require products to help with their mobility, such as home stair lifts, after sustaining injuries in action. Primmer said that the needs catered for by the RBL are incredibly diverse, and that its work with the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign is a great way of promoting their services.

More young armed forces personnel in need of stairlifts

Primmer described the project in this article as “an excellent campaign. It will help to keep all the service organisations in the public eye”. The campaign was set up in the same year that the nation marks the centenary of the First World War and will use all of the money it raises to help Suffolk and north Essex-based ex-servicemen and women.

This help comes in a variety of forms, with the RBL’s Area Manager for East Anglia and Essex, Kate Williams, saying “Increasingly, we are seeing younger ex-servicemen and women in need of such items as level access showers, stairlifts and mobility vehicle”.

The items provided vary from low level walk in baths and showers to grab rails, with all the most commonly requested products apparently “based around mobility needs and helping people to remain independent”.

The campaign looks to spread further awareness of the work of the RBL and its mission of making a difference to the lives of ex-service people, amid fears that those who could benefit from the services which supply mobility aids and other forms of assistance may often be too proud to seek such support.

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