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Simple ways to ease your knees

15th February 2017


With cold weather often comes an increase in arthritis pain, according to a study by Tufts University in Boston, MA, and as every British citizen knows January is the month to hunker down. This can, however, lead to stiffness and a lack of mobility as an increase in pain leads people to reduce the amount they move and therefore increase the symptoms of arthritis. Many exercises can seem daunting as they involve complex movements and unnatural positions and this is especially hard for those who have reduced mobility and rely on home stair lifts.

There are a few exercises that require nothing more than a sitting or standing position. One of these is a simple leg lift from a seated position, with one foot flat on the floor and the other slowly lifted until the leg is straight. The simple act of flexing the knee warms the joint and keeps it mobile. If you encounter discomfort, some people find it helps to have a warm cloth over the joint. 

Another sitting exercise involves crossing your ankles and raising both legs until your knees are straight, though this mostly exercises the knees it also includes your ankles and uses muscles to strengthen the joint. This one is not about speed, but control, so it doesn’t matter how slowly you raise or lower your legs as long as you are in control.

The third involves elements of standing and sitting as it is a simplified squat. Without using your hands, lower yourself into a chair, and then stand up, again unaided by your hands. Again, though this is a mainly knee based exercise, it also involves the other joints in your legs.

Through continued use knee pain should become less severe as the joint is warmed and becomes more mobile. If you suffer extreme pain while performing these exercises you should always consult a medical professional.

Image Credit:David Hodgson

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