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Stair lift success in North Lanarkshire

13th November 2014

While facing significant financial challenges, North Lanarkshire Council maintain that they are still on track to deliver on key targets, the most significant of which being the installation of key equipment such as straight stair lifts in some residents’ homes. High on the agenda is to ‘continue to support an increasing proportion of older people living at home,’ which is being achieved by the provision of stair lifts and other assistive mobility aids.

Chief Executive Gavin Whitefield announced the council’s aims, which are to provide high-quality, customer-focused and accessible services to all of the residents in North Lanarkshire. Councillor Jim McCabe conferred with this statement and suggested that delivering services to the residents in need was a vital priority.

Improving the quality of life of North Lanarkshire’s residents

The long-term financial plan has been calculated until 2024 and also aims to improve sports participation and physical activity, following the legacy of the Commonwealth Games that took place in Glasgow this year. This may also be of benefit to those with restricted mobility, as by boosting health and fitness facilities, services could be provided for those that wish to remain active.

By providing support to elderly residents and those with mobility disabilities, the quality of life of those living in North Lanarkshire will be greatly improved. It is also refreshing for residents of North Lanarkshire to see that those living here with limited mobility are considered a high priority, despite the financial challenges faced by the council.

Mobility aids can be a huge help to those suffering with mobility issues, and can mean that elderly people are able to live independently at home for longer, or feel much more comfortable during day-to-day life. Whether walk in showers or stair lifts make simple tasks such as bathing or moving about the house easier, mobility aids are incredibly important to those that need them.

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