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Stairlift fundraising keeps up spirits of man involved in accident

28th August 2013

26-year-old Anh Tuan Nguyen seriously injured his spine two months ago, and although the injury has meant that he has had to give up his physically demanding job, he is remaining positive. Although the accident has changed his life forever, reports in this article state that he is finding new ways to adapt his daily routine, allowing him to live life to the full.

Anh Tuan was attempting to cut a large tree branch in June and was using a ladder at the time. Whilst standing 20ft above the ground, the branch that he was cutting swung the wrong way, knocking him off the ladder and on to the ground. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors told Anh Tuan and his wife Krystal that two nerves in his lower spine had been severed, meaning that he would not be able to use his legs.

Since the accident, Anh Tuan has undergone a 13-hour surgical procedure and two months of physical rehabilitation, and now he is back at home with his wife and 6-month-old daughter. Although the accident and its life-changing consequences are still fresh in the minds of both Anh Tuan and his family, everyone is managing to stay positive. Some feeling has been regained in his legs, and although this is nerve pain, it does show that the nerves are still functioning to some degree.

Doctors who have consulted with the Nguyen family are keen to explore the possibility of stem cell research, but for now Anh Tuan is focusing on physiotherapy and adapting his home to be wheelchair accessible. He is hoping to purchase a stairlift for the home and an accessible shower and bath and ramp have already been installed, so now he is working towards fundraising for this stairlift.

Friends of the family helped to install the ramp and walk in shower, and now they are also willing to help the Nguyen family raise funds for a stairlift to the recreation room in the basement and a car that Anh Tuan can drive. An Elvis tribute act is just one of the many fundraising ideas that are being carried out over the next few months.

Although a situation such as this could easily make a person feel helpless, Anh Tuan is determined to not let anything stop him from living his life, and his 6-month-old daughter and the stair lift fundraising task that he has ahead of him are keeping him positive. Whilst mobility aids have been able to help him get around both inside and outside the home, the people in his life have given him an equal amount of support.

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