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Students helping elderly win award

9th October 2017

Students from the University of Sheffield have picked up a national award for producing an exercise initiative for older people across South Yorkshire.

The students launched the initiative to help older people improve their mental, physical and emotional health.

The exercise classes use dance and games to help improve older people’s mobility and fitness and even those who suffer from poor mobility and need new stair lifts to get around at home can take part in the sessions.

The project has been developed by Enactus Sheffield, a non-profit organisation that operates in 58 universities across the UK to help student-led teams to create community development projects.

The students who are involved in the scheme were presented with the award at the Enactus World Cup, an annual international event, which took place in London at the end of September.

The new programme by the students from Sheffield is called Motion and after winning the award the students behind the scheme have been given £25,000 from the Ford Motor Company to develop it further.

Project is helping with older people’s mobility

The project has been successful and has been aiding people with their mobility problems.

In an article on the University of Sheffield website, Sarah Bell, Biomedical Science student at the University of Sheffield and Managing Director of Enactus Sheffield, says, “Not only are we helping people to improve mobility with the exercises – which are adapted to meet individual needs – but we are also enhancing their emotional well-being and reducing social isolation.

“Motion has made a real impact on the lives of local care home residents and we are delighted that thanks to this award and funding we can extend the programme even further.”

The different activities that are involved in the sessions are a variety of chair, supported and standing-based activities to help reduce older people from falling.

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