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Study shows what homes older people want in retirement

14th July 2017

A new study has been released that reveals what type of home older people in the UK want to live in during their retirement.

Many want low maintenance properties such as modern homes that require less upkeep, whilst 26% of respondents are looking for accessible homes with level thresholds, fewer stairs and have other special adaptations such as a homelift or new walk-in baths and showers.

In total 33% of the older people who took the study, which was published on the Property Wire website, said they would like to move to lower maintenance properties in older age.

The research also found that 23% would prefer to live in a smaller house of two or three bedrooms as it is not too big, but offers enough room for guests to stay. Nearly a quarter of older people (22%) taking part in the survey also said they would like to reduce their outgoings and a new build is seen as providing better insulation and being more energy efficient compared to older properties.

Older people have no plans in place

The research also found that many older people in the UK no plans in place for what kind of property they want to live in as they head towards retirement.

The study revealed that 73% of older people say they have no plans in place for retirement accommodation or their care provision in later life and that 41% of respondents said they would like a six month trial before permanently moving into a retirement home.

Stephanie McMahon, the head of research at Strutt & Parker, who undertook the study, adds, “Often in good health, with decent pensions and active lifestyles, they want to live where they can continue to enjoy their established way of life, minus the day job. They want access to local culture and recreational facilities such as theatres, farmers’ markets and swimming pools but also accommodation that is flexible enough to meet their future care requirements.”

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