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Survey reveals that a fifth of older people have home adaptations

30th July 2015

Age UK recently conducted a survey that found that 20 per cent of 60-69 year olds have made adaptations to their home in order to prepare for old age. From installing a homelift to stairlifts, One in ten confirmed that this was because they wanted to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible, although a large proportion of the 1,400 who were questioned admitted that this was something they had not yet considered.

One in twenty confessed to not wanting to think about getting old and would only consider making changes if they were suggested by a doctor, or necessary following a fall or illness diagnosis. However, by planning ahead, costs could be kept to a minimum and stress would also be reduced significantly.

Many older people only realise needs after an accident or relative becoming ill

The Managing Director of Age UK Trading said: “Although it can seem daunting, making adaptations to your home is a way of maintaining independence, helping you stay in the home you love for longer.” Products such as walk-in baths, stairlifts and adjustable beds can provide superb benefits for those who may be struggling with everyday tasks, and can reduce the risks of potential accidents in the home.

As with any major decision, it is advised that you seek advice from professionals to make sure that you are getting the correct products for your needs. Ask for help from those close to you and do your research by checking reviews and company policies.

More than a third of the people aged 60 and over stated that they felt more confident since they had ‘future-proofed’ their home, with level access walk-in baths and showers proving to be the most popular adaptation with 31 per cent. One in ten people had also added ramps to their doorways in order to make their home more accessible.

This BT news article suggests further ways in which you can make your home safer for old age.

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