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Tai chi classes improving mobility in Skegness

21st July 2014

A disabled elderly resident in Skegness has launched tai chi classes in her area in a bid to improve the mobility of her fellow residents. The 72-year-old took up tai chi herself in order to improve her mobility and brain activity, as its benefits lie mainly in the improvement of balance, which can vastly improve elderly residents’ mobility and independence.

The Palms Tai Chi Club uses slow exercises in order to help users of stairlifts and mobility aids reduce their risk of falls and improve their sense of mobility and independence.

Tears of laughter

The club is recommended “for the elderly as it can help their balance,” and “Tai chi has been proven to help anyone disabled and able-bodied to exercise safely” according to the class’ founder Glennis Rogerson in this article. As well as helping physically, the classes are also said to be great for the soul too as members “have such a laugh” throughout the sessions, with two members even reported to have been “on the floor in tears of laughter” during one session.

The club, which currently supports 30 members in total, was recently awarded a grant for over £1,600 in order to help keep the classes running and provide much-needed equipment, including Bo-staffs that are great for those with arthritis as they help with agility and movement. The funding is great news for the club’s founder and members alike as it has helped them continue their great work as well as introducing new exercises that can greatly aid mobility among members.

While tai chi alone cannot offer full independence in daily life, when enjoyed alongside the use of mobility aids and home safety precautions such as walk in baths and shower trays, older people can enjoy an independent and active lifestyle where they can continue to improve their sense of balance in a safe environment.

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