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Taxpayers save millions under elderly scheme

15th April 2014

It has now been discovered that a scheme that helps hundreds of mobility-restricted and vulnerable people to live independently has actually saved taxpayers near to £4 million since it began in 2009. The ‘My Life, My Home’ scheme is more of a series of projects to help people, rather than a money saving scheme, but it has gone on to successfully achieve both in its running.

Buckinghamshire County Council have invested their efforts into making life more comfortable for the many vulnerable residents of the area through a series of projects. One such project, the ‘My Life, My Home’ programme has been a spectacular success and has seen many residents of the county lead a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

My Life, My Home

The programme works as a supported living scheme that helps vulnerable people in the county live independently where such aids as straight stairlift solutions and home care can work together to give a greater sense of independence and self-sustainability to those in the scheme. It has enabled people to live in housing by themselves, but still benefit from regular care and company, offering a degree of all-important independence whilst still ensuring that they are fully cared for and able to socialise regularly with ease.

MacIntyre Housing association is one such system that helps residents independently lease a flat and live on their own, but still benefit from the help of on-site care staff. This not only offers a fulfilling way of life that sees residents who had not previously been able to live on their own gain access to an independent lifestyle, but also saves the council millions of pounds as such residents involved in the scheme are able to pay their own bills and rent.

Such schemes work fantastically alongside the help and assistance provided by home mobility aids, which also provide a greater sense of independence and include Handicare’s range of rise and recliner chairs for the elderly, which not only provide comfort, but also the freedom to live without unnecessary care.

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