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The apps that are making accessible travel more flexible

5th July 2017


‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’ is a quote that is attributed to Saint Augustine and is as relevant today as when it was first supposedly uttered (or written) in 1824.


However the luxury of carefree travel is not available to all so easily. Those with limited mobility who need stairlifts and new mobility showers and baths at home will require a more detailed plan of where the facilities they need are available, and this can make it harder for them to leave their home.


However in the technological age, there are so many different options available that are all designed to make life easier. This is true for those with limited mobility. Here are a few of the best new apps that can make your travel more flexible. 

Trip trip hurray

From accommodation and attractions to public services, Trip Trip Hurray collates and rates lots of different aspects of cities around the world. You can write reviews for places you know well, or look at other people’s recommendations and make an informed choice if you are going abroad.


Is Accessible

An app that uses crowdsourcing to pad out its database, Is Accessible lets you rate services, food outlets, retail establishments and more. An easy traffic light system ranks those with ramps, lifts, interior space for manoeuvrability and suitable bathroom facilities as a positive green, while amber and red are for establishments with more limited facilities. The black cross denotes the inaccessible places.


Euan’s Guide

A similar website and app that encourages users to review and rate local facilities. Euan’s Guide is mostly based in the UK so perfect for those on a Staycation. It has an amazing audience who have really filled out the database to make this resource incredibly helpful.


Image Credit: Evehsmith

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