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The Generation Game - When was it most expensive?

31st August 2018


Thinking back on all that has changed over your lifetime can be an interesting thing, let alone considering how different the world is today compared to before you were born. Each generation has truly unique experiences, which those outside their age group may often find difficult to relate to. Take the cost of simple household items and everyday objects, for example, these have changed radically over the years, rising and falling in price depending on various factors.

The cost of TVs, phones, and even stairlifts have all fluctuated in price, and some of the items you might expect to be more expensive today than they were in the 80s are actually cheaper than they have ever been! When comparing costs, the results are truly surprising. Handicare has decided that the nation’s knowledge needs to be tested and thought it would be fun to create a quiz that asks the public when they think, adjusting for inflation, certain items were most expensive. There’s even a prize for one lucky winner!


To help you out, here is an example question and along with the possible answers. Remember, the prices are adjusted for inflation!

When was a Polaroid camera most expensive?

- 1960

- 1980

- 2000

- Today

Answers: 1960s (£553), 1980s (£178), 2000s (£73.43), Today (£119.99)

So, as you can see, although when it first launched in the 1960s a Polaroid camera only cost $25, in today's money that is approximately £553, by far making it the most expensive out of the above options.

Win an iPad (competition now ended) 

Choosing from the 1960s, 1980s, 2000s, and the present, players need to answer eight questions, which, adjusting for inflation, ask when an iconic product was most expensive. As mentioned, one lucky player will be the winner of an iPad! Simply play the below quiz and fill in the entry form for a chance to win! Don’t forget to share the quiz and your results on social media (every person that clicks your link and enters will increase your chance of winning!) Full rules can be found below. The quiz ends on October 30th at midday, at which point a winner will be selected and notified! So, what are you waiting for? Get playing and test your knowledge!



Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing our quiz! How did you do? Did you guess correctly when a TV was the most expensive? Were you right in your estimation of when a McDonald's Cheeseburger cost more to purchase? Or how about the famous Mini?

It’s certainly interesting to see how these popular products have changed over time. It was tremendous fun researching how prices have changed over the years and realising how good (or bad) different generations had it! Just because something is old, doesn’t mean that it was cheaper back in the day (though sometimes it was!). Thanks to advancements in technology, increased trade with foreign markets, and many other important elements, some of the components necessary to create our favourite gadgets, tools, and foods have become far more affordable, even though price inflation gives the appearance that the opposite might be true. £100 today went a lot further back in 1960 after all, but, of course, it often cost manufactures of the day significantly more in relative terms to create their products.

We would like to thank you once again for playing. Make sure to enter the prize draw once you’ve completed the quiz so that you will stand a chance of winning an iPad! It will be fascinating to see how much the price on popular tech like tablets changes over the years. Make sure to also share the quiz using the social icons above with friends and family on Facebook for a better chance to win the iPad! Every person that clicks your link and enters will increase your chance of winning! 


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