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The number of elderly living alone to rise

7th July 2014

The number of elderly residents living alone in Yorkshire is set to rise to more than a quarter of a million by the end of the decade. While such mobility aids as walk in baths and hand rails can make living alone in later life safer, there are many schemes and groups in place in residential areas that prevent the loneliness that can come with such a way of life.

The Yorkshire Post’s Loneliness campaign has revealed that over a quarter of a million older people will be living alone by the year 2020, suggesting that there will be increased pressure on care services and the need for seated stair lifts and other such aids to help older people remain independent in their homes.

A Campaign to End Loneliness

As the number of older people living alone continues to rise, campaigns and strategies are being set up to combat loneliness and the issues that arise from the elderly living on their own. One such campaign is that of the Campaign to End Loneliness, in which campaigns manager Jack Neill-Hall has said in this article, “If we do nothing, this is obviously going to increase these peoples’ risk of experiencing loneliness and the health risks that are associated”.

In a move to tackle the health and social issues that arise from living alone, North Yorkshire County Council has offered close to £1m to be given to voluntary and community groups that work with older people in the county. The Innovation Fund is one such scheme that looks to help people maintain their independence – an all important issue that arises from living alone.

As such aids as accessible walk in baths and showers and the like continue to make homes safer for older people living on their own, councils and authorities are trying to match such innovations through services and home care that can complete a level of independence for the elderly in the home. Where such services as the Innovation Fund can work in conjunction with mobility aids, they can, together, offer a well-rounded independent home life.

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