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The ultimate Christmas gift guide for your grandchildren

23rd October 2020


Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and spending time with family, friends and loved ones, so making it as special as possible is often at the forefront of people’s minds, no matter what your age.

As you age, Christmas can become a little trickier, with changes in your ability to move around without the use of a stair lift or mobility aid so getting out to the shops can often be hard. This guide looks at some of the best gifts on the market for you to buy your grandchildren this Christmas, whether you are planning to see them on the big day or not.



Crafts are a popular activity for kids all year round but can be extra fun at Christmas time. If your budget is a little tight, creating or buying a craft kit for your grandchildren to play with on Christmas Day is a lovely idea. These crafts can be anything from baking kits, decorating biscuits to kinetic sand science kits, perfect for keeping their brains active over the festive period.

Issy who blogs at A Suffolk Mum thinks that crafts are a great present idea: “Another favourite in our house is crafts and messy play, slime is always a winner as it’s great for all ages. Ready-made pots of it are perfect for little ones or science kits to make their own for older children. Kinetic sand is also fun and therapeutic for grandparents to have a play with too.”

Baking jars

Baking jars are a unique way of gifting a cake or biscuit without having to bake it. All you have to do is place all of the dry ingredients into a jar and attach a recipe with the wet ingredients to the lid or on a tag. Kids love cakes and biscuits and gifting them something hands-on is a great way to keep them occupied.

Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a great hands-on gift for Christmas time and can be bought online or from most shops for under £10. The magic sand will fascinate your grandchildren, leaving them occupied for hours on end, leaving you to enjoy your favourite festive television programmes.

Personalised puzzle

A great personalised present is a puzzle and is also something the whole family can try to complete over the festive period. There are hundreds of websites that’ll allow you to print your favourite photo onto a puzzle. PhotoBox has a great selection of sizes and print styles.

Art supplies

Mairead from the blog The Sickly Mama always thinks presents that the family can do together are a great choice: “I would recommend that grandparents buy their grandkids something fun that you can do together. For instance - if you enjoy cooking, you could buy your grandchild a kid's cookbook and make a date to bake cookies together, or if you like art you could buy some art supplies and arrange to do some painting together. That way, you're not just giving a one-off present, but you're also creating memories and sharing something you love.”



Books are a sentimental and thoughtful gift that can be treasured for years to come, so finding some classic or re-editions can be a lovely way to surprise the little ones on Christmas Day. Some great classics are Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White.

Emma, who is behind the blog Lipgloss and Curves, speaks about how she thinks books are a great present idea: “Christmas can be hard for grandparents to know what to get their grandkids, depending on age this can be tricky as I know it is for my 93-year-old nan, who struggles to get out to the shops or shop online. Books, these can be from second-hand stores/pre-loved or even new books. Again, this is suitable for any age range and it could even be a colouring book and a packet of crayons or pencils.”

If you think reading a book maybe a little too tricky, then why not invest in a colouring book with crayons as Emma mentions or a picture book for them to look at.

Vicky Smith, blogger at The Mummy Bubble, also agrees that books are a great gift for grandchildren: “A gift that is sure to be popular with parents is new books for their collection. You can get amazing personalised books that include your grandchild in the story, which makes a really magical present."



What could be more exciting for children than some of their favourite toys at Christmas? Toys are always a popular present with younger children and December is no exception. With so many different toys on the market it can be difficult to know which ones they will like, Clare from My Tunbridge Wells explains a little more:

“Another simple gift idea is a soft toy. My mum usually gives one to each of my children every year and each time they cuddle their soft toy, it reminds them of their Grandma! I also think a gift where a child can create something to then give to their grandparent is a nice idea. For example, a stencil set, a clay modelling kit or a paint sticks set. That way, the child can then create something while also experiencing the joy of giving something back.”



Another gift that makes the perfect occupier at Christmas is LEGO Coming in so many shapes, form, styles and price ranges, LEGO is the ultimate fun toy. Vicky told us a little more about how Lego is a great treat for the kids at Christmas:

"When searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your grandkids, a good place to start is how much space do they actually have in their home. Bigger is not always better when it comes to presents and if it’s going to be impractical for their bedroom or play space then its best to have a rethink. One of the best gifts for grandchildren is something that works with a set of toys they already have. Things like LEGO cater for all tastes with kits based on favourite Disney films, superheroes and more.”

A Subscription


An idea that is a little different but is a great present that keeps on giving is a subscription. Whether it is a subscription to your grandchild’s favourite magazine or an arts and crafts subscription, there is one to suit everyone.

Ella from Typically Mummy has a son who loves his subscription and always recommends it to grandparents looking for a gift idea: “My ideal gift for grandparents to give to their grandchildren is a yearly subscription of some sort so that the child can enjoy the gift throughout the year. For my 9-year-old son's Christmas present last year, my parents bought him a subscription to ‘The Week Junior’, the child-friendly version of ‘The Week’, the current affairs magazine for adults. My son eagerly awaits it popping through the letterbox each week so that he can learn about what is happening in the world, and is almost as if he is receiving a weekly present from my parents.”

She continues: “He loves to sit and read it and especially loves to snuggle up to my parents and read it with them when they visit, which is a lovely bonding experience. My parents also bought my 5-year-old daughter a subscription last Christmas which was for a monthly art and crafts box. The box is packed full of different crafting activities for her to do and again, it is like receiving a different present each month. By buying a subscription as a gift, grandparents know that they are buying something educational and useful and the gifting experience lasts all year round.”

As well as family days out, Jo behind the blog A Rose Tinted Glasses also recommends a subscription as the perfect Christmas present:

“The best gifts for me are the ones that make memories, the ones that people can talk about for weeks or maybe even years afterwards. So as a parent or grandparent, the best ideas for Christmas gifts, in my opinion, are the gifts that give experiences. Gifts such as a day trip to somewhere that the recipient will love, or a subscription to a magazine that the receiver will enjoy and gain from. Gifts like these will last the whole year. Instead of a gift that will soon be forgotten about, put in a cupboard, or given to a charity shop after New Year’s Day.”

Gifts from small businesses


Especially as the coronavirus pandemic has forced many small businesses to close their doors, it is important now more than ever to support your local retailers.

Thia, the face behind The Honest Mums Club, recommends trying to shop locally this Christmas: “I totally recommend shopping with small businesses this Christmas. You don't necessarily need to make the decision on the item, a gift voucher from a small business is a great idea! That way you're still supporting small business owners, but your grandchildren can pick something themselves. Depending on their age of course. I love practical gifts also, items my children need but aren't a top priority. For example - the next size clothing, age-appropriate educational toys. This year we are purchasing from small businesses, as well as finding Montessori style toys. Instead of the standard plastic toys we see everywhere, we are opting for eco-friendly wooden toys - these don't need to be expensive, second-hand toys are still great!”

No matter what you are planning to get your grandchild for Christmas, they are bound to love it either way.

The perfect Christmas gifts for grandchildren:

  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Toys
  • LEGO
  • Subscriptions
  • Gifts from small businesses

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