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The ultimate evening routine

30th July 2020


Relaxing and unwinding before bed can help those who struggle to settle down and relieve the stresses of a busy day to get a good night’s sleep. Reducing the pressure on the mind and the body is something everyone should practice before settling down for the night and an evening routine can enable just that. Those with limited mobility or those who use stairlifts can often find it harder to commit to everyday tasks and can often find themselves feeling stressed or anxious, which is why it is important for everyone to find a way for them to feel that they have space in their evening to make time for themselves. From reading a book to taking care of your skin, continue reading to find some of the easy ways to make sure your evening is as relaxing as possible.

Emma Heathcote-James from The Little Soap Company tells us a little more about the benefits of having a solid evening routine: “The beauty of human beings is that we are all unique. We are all individuals, with different needs and different tastes. There really is no one size fits all approach that works for everyone in life, and bedtime routines are no different. There are many different sleep hygiene rules we can recommend but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what will work for you. Find the steps that help you to relax, unwind and get ready for sleep. There is only one golden rule when it comes to night-time routines, make sure that you’re prioritising this special time. Plan your evening and ensure that it focuses on the things you need to help you digest the day and move forward into sleep. Once you’ve nailed this, the rest will fall into place.”

Enjoy a nutritious dinner

Enjoying a nutritious meal is one of the best ways to start off your evening and making sure you are tucking into a delicious plate of tasty ingredients is one of the best ways to do this. As with any evening, it can be difficult to know what to cook, so having a selection of fresh ingredients to choose from can really help make the decision a little easier. With vegetables at their prime and delicious cuts of meats available to buy from the supermarket in-store and online, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Find some simple, easy, yet delicious meals that contain fresh and fragrant ingredients that make the perfect start to your relaxing evening routine.


Lamb stew

Lamb stew or any stew for that matter is a great way to combine a selection of your favourite meats and vegetables all into one tasty, slow-cooking pot. Stews are so easy to prepare and can be left to bubble away for hours whilst you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Enjoy you lamb stew with carrots, potatoes, parsnips and accompany it with mash potato or some crusty bread for a really hearty and comforting meal.

Fish pie

A great source of protein and omega, fish pie is also another classic dish that offers wholesome and comforting qualities. Enjoy your favourite fish and seafood, topped with mash potato and cheese if you wish.

Enjoy salmon, cod, haddock and even prawns, add chives or parsley to your mix and enrich your potatoes with cream and cheese.

Pasta bake

A pasta bake is one of the most versatile dishes you can enjoy. Open to any ingredients you could add tuna, chicken, bacon, tomatoes and much more to your dishes. Cook your pasta and add a rich tomato-based sauce and crumble in your chosen ingredients. Accompany tuna with sweetcorn or bacon with tomato. Top the whole thing with cheese and watch it bubble before you sit back and enjoy.

Relax and unwind


A post-dinner relaxation is a perfect way to unwind after a busy day and there are plenty of ways to do so that allows both the mind and the body to relax.

If you have a keen hobby like sewing, crochet or puzzling, this is the perfect way to occupy the mind, giving you time to relax and forget about the troubles of the day. If you love gardening, head out into the garden and take a look at the wildlife you can find or the abundance of spring and summer flowers blooming.

If you enjoy getting a little exercise, there is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a short session of yoga or meditation, you can find some of the best moves in a recent article about the perfect morning routine. This time in the evening is yours to enjoy, so whether you want to do lots or nothing, there is no better time to reflect and take some time for yourself.

Take a bath

Before heading to bed, a bath is an ultimate aid to relaxation and a luxurious way to round off an evening. We spoke to Michelle from Fifty and Fab, she offered us her recommendations for the perfect bath time.

“I always look forward to my evenings and I think that establishing a perfect evening routine is really good for mind, body and quality of sleep. I recommend no working or time on the computer after 6pm! After dinner, I love to have a hot bath and to really help me relax I add magnesium salts and light a natural scented candle, my current favourite is from Scentered. 

If bath time becomes a struggle due to limited mobility, walk in bath and shower units can make your evenings that little bit easier. Handicare offers a range of different walk-in baths and showers to suit everyone’s exacting needs.

Take care of your skin


Now you’re all relaxed and ready to settle down for the night, there is nothing more important than remembering to look after your skin. As the skin gets older, it is important to keep it hydrated and in tip-top condition and there are plenty of ways to do so.

Amelia Goodhead, Editor at xameliax always recommends a face mask to draw any impurities out of the skin after a long day: “My perfect evening routine starts with some luxurious skincare - my favourite face mask or oil with a lovely thick night cream. Followed by a good book under the covers with my heated blanket and some gentle music playing in the background.”

Face masks are a great way to pamper the skin, they are often tailored to specific skin types, so look out for one that suits your skin best, whether it is dry, oily or combination skin. Emma offered her recommendations for looking after your skin in the evening.

“A gentle facial massage is another wonderful way to boost your bedtime routine. Our face is a hive of nerves and pleasure points, a facial massage can be one of the most luxuriously relaxing treats you can give yourself and there are practical benefits too. A good facial massage can help to improve mood, ease stress levels, reduce a build-up of toxins, keep your complexion clear and radiant, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of wrinkles too. Because you’re less stressed during and after a facial massage, you’re less likely to hold tension in your face and, because there is increased blood flow to the area, your skin is definitely going to benefit.”

There are particular ways to relax and re-plump the muscles in our face, Emma continues to explain a couple of these that you can do just before bed.

“If you’re feeling particularly stressed, try gently massaging along your jaw in circular motions. Use your index and ring finger and work towards your chin until your jaw begins to feel relaxed. You can also massage your scalp, using a little more pressure than on your face if you’re comfortable. Start at the back of your scalp, at the base of your skull, and feel the tension melt away. There are many YouTube tutorials for a facial massage that can help guide you, but the best way to learn is to simply begin and listen to your body. If it feels nice, you’re on the right track.”

Recommended skincare brands:

  • Simple
  • Clarins
  • Elemis
  • Nivea
  • The Ordinary

Have a regular bedtime

One of the best ways to ensure you are always getting a good night’s sleep is not only to ensure you have a set night-time routine but a regular bedtime that you like to stick to, this will give your evening structure and your body time to adjust and adapt.

Michelle from Fifty and Fab likes to go to bed at a regular time most nights to help her body clock:

“I usually settle down in comfy PJ’s to watch some TV with my husband and bedtime is by 10.30pm, I try to keep to the same time as this helps your body clock. I use my EarPods to listen to one of the free podcasts designed to help you switch off and nod off, my favourite is Get Sleepy and I rarely get to the end of the story, they really do help settle my busy mind!”

No matter how you like to spend your evenings, making sure you allow yourself time to relax, unwinding is the most important thing. Whether you like to read, sew or just enjoy a luxurious bath, creating your perfect evening routine is a sure-fast way to a great night’s sleep.

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