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What are the top tips for staying cool?

6th August 2018

The soaring temperatures that have hit the UK in recent weeks have not all been about getting a nice tan and heading to the beach.

When the temperatures do rise it can present a health risk and the importance of staying cool and keeping well in hot weather should certainly not be under-estimated, as older people are more susceptible to heat-related illness.

Conditions like heat stroke are life-threatening and can develop into heat exhaustion if it is untreated. Older people that need new stairlifts and suffer with mobility problems can be particularly at risk.

This is why older people need to consider a number of tips to help keep them cool during future heatwaves, which are expected to continue on into this balmy summer. So if the temperatures soar, below are the tips older people should look to follow.

Tips for staying cool for older people

What the experts say?

As the infographic shows, it is important that older people don’t get too much sun and this is especially true when going out for the day or going for a walk.

Wendy Bumgardner, who wrote an article for Very Well Fit, says if older people decide to go for a walk or do another activity, they should choose a cool time of day.

“Know your local climate. Dawn is best, although it comes early in June and July. In some areas, a sea breeze begins cooling things down in mid-afternoon. But in many inland areas, the temperatures rise until early evening, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and do not cool off until sunset.”

Elizabeth Graves from the Real Simple site, says older people should pack a to-go kit when they head out.

“Tote a bottle of water, and add a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses to keep the heat off your head and shoulders.

“If you sweat a lot, take a small package of tissues, which are best at removing significant moisture.”

The Royal Voluntary Service, who help older people to stay active, recommend that during hot weather or heatwaves it is important to check the weather forecast.

“Keep an eye on weather forecasts for what the temperature will be and make plans accordingly. Visit the Met Office's heat health pages for warnings of heatwave conditions.”

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