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Toyota builds in-home robot for older people

19th July 2017

A new robot has been built to cater for the needs of older people with mobility problems and it can now help with lots of tasks around the home.

Automaker Toyota built the robot and one of its main tasks is to bring at least 1.5 gallons of water to their owner every day.

The new robot has been designed so it can also bring snacks and open doors. Toyota spent three days testing their new creation with a paralysed Army ranger.

New in-home robots to help older people

While the initial tests were a success, it is hoped these new in-home robots will eventually help older people and the disabled in their own home with a number of tasks that those with mobility problems find difficult.

While there are lots of products available to help older people in their own home, such as curved stairlifts in the UK, the creation of this type of robot will help older people stay even more independent for longer.

The robot works by using a sensor, which is located on its head, to detect the object it is needed and it has a large arm to grab objects. The robot also has facial recognition technology so it can open the front door to friends and family.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, Romy Carmago, the disabled former army ranger who was involved in the testing process, said it was comforting having the robot around.

He said, “For me, it's really comforting that I can still do things by myself and not have to depend on anybody else.”

The robot is still not completely finished and there are aspects that still need to be improved, but the robot’s designers are hoping that the finished product will help countries from across the world who have ageing populations such as the UK and Japan.

Image Credit: Willyam Bradberry.

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