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Transport offered to people with reduced mobility

8th January 2014

Having started in Bristol in 2000, the not-for-profit organisation Accessible Transport 4U that offers round the clock transport to the area’s residents with mobility issues is looking to expand its service, opening up localised branches. The service was put in place for anyone with learning or mental health problems, as well as those with mobility issues who rely on stair lifts and other mobility aids to get around.

Offering a service to dispel the isolation suffered by such residents, the organisation wants to help as many users of stairlift solutions and the elderly with mobility issues as possible. The service currently runs in and around Bristol and to anywhere in the UK, offering door-to-destination travel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, transporting over 300 people a week who struggle to use traditional forms of public transport.

The organisation’s main priority is their flexible time offering, ensuring that they are there to provide transport to vulnerable residents who rely on accessible baths and other such devices at home. They have a mobile emergency number which can be reached at all times and even offer transport to the elderly on holidays in order for them to see their families on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Leaders of the organisation are hoping to expand their service with local branches across the country as a part of a 10-year expansion plan and are now asking for funding, personnel and vehicles to help set up a local branch in Worle. As a part of this expansion plan, they are asking for volunteer drivers, those with wheelchair accessible vehicles and landlords with possible office space to let to offer assistance as they work towards making the country more accessible for those with mobility difficulties. To offer your own services or to find out more about Accessible Transport 4U, send an email to


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