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TV show adapts house with walk in bath

15th September 2014

Popular television programme Double Your House for Half the Money featuring Sarah Beeny has shown how mobility aids can revolutionise daily life for those with mobility difficulties. Sarah and her team recently adapted a couple’s house to give one Multiple Sclerosis sufferer back his independence through the installation of a walk in bath and other aids. 

The house in question belongs to Hertfordshire-based couple Adam and Laura Margolis, who sold their former home in order to move to a bungalow after MS sufferer Adam “found climbing the stairs impossible.” While the stairs proved too difficult for Adam to attempt with his condition, new and used stairlifts have been helping both elderly and young individuals with mobility difficulties remain in their own home for years.

The challenge

After selling their former four-bed home, the couple bought a bungalow in Redlett and then faced “the tricky challenge of making it a super stylish property and one that caters for Adam’s specific needs.” The couple realised that they were incredibly lucky to have found a bungalow of this kind in their local area as they currently make up less than 10 per cent of the nation’s homes, making stairlifts an ever-needed housing addition for many individuals across the UK.

As the couple are unable to afford the price it would cost to move again to attain a home that combines their dream home and Adam’s needs, they went on the television programme with the intent of adapting their existing bungalow. The main area that needed adapting was the bathroom space in order to allow Adam to bathe independently and offer, as Beeny put it, “independence and security in their home.”

In order to achieve this the family implemented a wet room and a new walk in shower with bath in their en-suite bathroom. This then was able to offer the family the independence and normality they so desperately sought and needed.

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