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Utility provider offers priority care to elderly in community

10th January 2015

A utility provider in the Isle of Man is offering a ‘priority care’ service for customers who may be elderly or disabled. Individuals and family members are asked to inform the Manx Utility Authority of customers with specific needs, so that in the event of a power cut, a one-to-one visit can be offered to ensure their welfare. This is an incredibly important service, as those who depend on medical equipment such as home dialysis or disabled stairlifts also rely on power supply.

Vulnerable members of society can become priority care customers and will receive information on power outages further in advance, as well as being offered one-to-one visits to ensure that their well-being remains looked after during scheduled works. The latter will also be put in place if there are any unexpected outages due to adverse weather conditions. There is also the opportunity for relatives of the elderly or disabled to be informed of any issues too, meaning that added peace of mind can be provided.

Creating awareness of the service

The power providers wanted to make people aware that priority care is available, following an incident on the Isle of Man, where there was a power cut affecting 17 homes while poles and conductors were replaced in the village. During this time, a resident in the village got in touch with the power provider to express concerns for an elderly neighbour. Although the individual did not require any further help, it had not been previously highlighted that they may have benefitted from the priority care service.

Those signing up for the service will receive seven days prior warning, rather than the standard two days’ notice, to allow for time to make other arrangements. Residents of the Isle of Man can sign up for this service either for themselves, a close friend or relative, by clicking here.

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