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Volunteers helping elderly live independently

12th August 2014

A group of volunteers are helping elderly residents in the New Forest to live independently. The team, to be established by the British Red Cross, is to be initially based in Lymington with another team due to be set up in Fordingbridge. Providing a range of mobility aids as well as much-needed company and help with practical everyday tasks, it is hoped that the team will significantly help such residents stay independent in their own homes for longer.

The service is set to be tailored to individuals and their particular needs so that those who rely heavily on curved stair lifts and other mobility aids receive the right kind of assistance in order to help them remain as independent as possible.

Independence for all

In such a remote location as the New Forest, the introduction of this service could act as a real lifeline for some individuals, where staying independent in a location where access is more limited than more populated areas can be a struggle. The service will recruit volunteers who will spend a few hours keeping elderly residents company, carrying out help with everyday tasks such as shopping, light meal preparation and collecting prescriptions.

The service is set to go ahead from September once the British Red Cross has secured enough volunteers and the teams are due to be funded for an initial period of three years from a gift left to the Red Cross in a will. The Balfour Historic Museums Trust will also help fund the project by paying for the delivery and collection of mobility aids in the New Forest area.

For those who don’t already benefit from mobility aids such as electric rise recliner chairs that help make home living easier and more comfortable, the service will also help with the provision of such assistance as well as fire and crime assessments and hand, arm and shoulder massage.

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