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West Sussex CC helps stair lift users in East Surrey

3rd February 2014

The NHS and West Sussex County Council are working together to help residents in East Surrey regain their independence following time spent in hospital. The two services are working together to provide people who have been discharged from hospital with the help they need to get back on their feet and regain a sense of mobility.

This aid comes in the form of a team to help people live at home independently. The team have established a 13-week free package which helps elderly and disabled members of the community to live at home by taking advantage of stair lift installation, grab rails and other mobility devices. The designated team provide reassurance to residents who may be weaker and have taken a knock of confidence following time spent in hospital.

By helping these residents to use such aids as riser recliner chairs designed for the elderly, the team are working towards reducing the length of time the residents need to spend in hospital, thus freeing up beds that could be used for others in need.

Hope for cross-county project

While many such residents will have families or carers that can take care of them, this specialist team looks to help with the use of mobility aids - knowledge that some family members may lack.

This help is perfect for those who are ready to leave hospital but are not yet able to return to their normal lifestyle and may need the assistance of others and the mobility technology such as that which can be provided through stair lift installation.

While referrals to the service must be made through a health or social care professional, those in need of such aid in the local area without having been to hospital can contact Handicare for advice and information. With a specialist team of advisors ready to help with all aspects of the process, those suffering from mobility difficulties across the country can benefit from such help and advice as that currently being given by West Sussex County Council.


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