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What are the most accessible fishing destinations across the UK?

8th July 2019

National Fishing Month (26 July-1 September) is just around the corner and it aims to encourage every family member to try their hand at the activity.

On their website, they say, “It does not matter what age you are, or what previous experience you have. Nor does it matter which cultural or social background you may be from. Fishing is for everyone!”

This is one of the reasons why fishing is so popular amongst the older generation as it doesn’t matter whether people have mobility issues and need to use a stair lift or are able to walk unaided, the hobby is suitable for people of all physical abilities.

Why is fishing a great activity for older people to get involved in?

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the UK with an article on the Telegraph revealing that more than 106,000 people fish every week in England alone.

It is a great activity for older people to take part in and before looking at the most accessible fisheries in the UK, read on to find out why it is a great hobby for older people.

It’s therapeutic

Stress is a common problem in today’s society but going by the water and fishing lowers anxiety and instils a sense of calm.

Terry Moseley, the national projects manager at the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA), agrees that fishing can be very calming.

He says, “Fishing is a great therapeutic pastime that can be enjoyed by young and older people alike.”

For older people living in large towns or cities, you can escape the hustle and bustle and noise by spending an afternoon or morning at your local fishery. This will allow you to recharge and unwind.

It’s accessible and inclusive

Fishing is an accessible activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities and communities.

Terry Moseley says older people with mobility problems can still fish, “Fishing also is addressing accessibility to encourage the older generation who have mobility problems through age-related illness, or simply find accessing areas difficult.”

Whilst in other sports you need to be physically fit and able, in fishing you don’t have to, so people who are unable to walk or stand for long periods of time can enjoy everything the activity has to offer.

Gareth Purnell from the fishing publication Total Fishing, adds, “You don’t have to be built like an athlete to fish, but it is something that keeps your mind sharp. When you are fishing it tends to take your mind off all your troubles as you are simply thinking about how to catch the next fish, and you often have to keep changing tactics to keep the fish coming. There is no reason at all why a 70-year-old won’t catch as much as if not more than a 20-year-old in fishing, as it’s one of those sports in which you always keep learning.”

You can read more about the accessibility of fishing by taking a look at the Access to Angling: best practice guidance booklet.

It keeps you fit

Although you may not be running around as you do in other sports such as football or rugby, fishing keeps you physically fit.

By going fishing your main muscle groups, the heart and lungs are all getting a good work out. Setting up, casting off and winding in the fish means you need a bit of strength as it engages the shoulders, back, arms, core and legs in an active workout.

Fishing can also improve your immune system as a day outside in the sun is the best source of vitamin D. This can regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that improve immune system function.

It puts you at one with nature

Another great benefit of fishing is that you can get closer to nature and all the animals that live there. Fishermen and women can fish in coastal environments, on canals, rivers or lakes.

People who fish regularly will likely know all about the different fish that live in the water, what they eat and their main predators.

Many fisheries and fishing locations across the UK are located in quaint and quiet parts of the countryside which is why it is such a popular activity to do if you are looking to reduce stress.

The most accessible fisheries in the UK

Naturally not all fisheries are accessible due to their geology with some offering better facilities for some impairments and not others.

Terry Moseley from the BDAA, says, “There is a movement towards improving the angling environment to be more inclusive. The British Disabled Angling Association, Angling Trust and the Environment Agency are amongst the leaders in this drive to inclusivity, by creating new access and facilities on hundreds of fisheries around the UK.”

Total Fishing’s Gareth Purnell agrees that a lot has been done to make British fisheries more accessible to people with low mobility.

“The boom in stocked, commercial fisheries across the UK has been fantastic for the older generation who are not going to be lugging stacks of kit across muddy fields and over fences to get to their fishing. Most commercial fisheries have fantastic parking and very easy access over flat ground to the pegs, which invariably have hard standing or custom-made platforms to fish from.”

The best advice is to do your homework, so you have an informed choice of which fishery is best for you. Below are just some of the most accessible fisheries you can visit in the UK.

The Albrighton moat

Location: Albrighton, near Wolverhampton

The Albrighton Trust, Moat and Gardens is a great place to visit for older people who suffer from mobility problems.

The facilities have been designed specifically for people with disabilities so you can fish safely and comfortably. There are wheelchair accessible fishing platforms so you can come with a carer or a group of your friends and family if you want.

The moat is well-stocked with Common, Crucial and Mirror Carp, Roach and Rudd and the Albrighton Trust guarantee you will not go home without catching anything.

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Location: Pattingham

The Patshull Park Fishery is located in a 250-acre Shropshire estate. The fishing lodge and four pools total 110 acres and offer a superb setting for anglers as there is lots of trout, coarse and pike fishing on offer.

Fishermen and women who have mobility problems are catered for as there are platforms that people can fish from as well as a wheelyboat that can carry wheelchairs and people with mobility issues so they can access the rest of the lake.

There are also pathways and slipways for visitors with mobility issues and accessible toilets as well.

Ladybower Fisheries

Location: Bamford, Derbyshire

The Ladybower Reservoir and Fisheries are the largest of the three reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley and is regarded by many as the premier UK fly fishing venue. There are Rainbow, Blue and Brown trout living in the waters that can be caught.

There is a fully adapted wheelyboat or easy access floating pontoon that visitors with mobility issues can use, while the venue even has an on-site Registered General Nurse.

There is also fully serviced safety equipment provided, accessible toilet facilities and parking are close to the water.

Eyebrook Reservoir

Location: Caldecott, Leicestershire

The 400-acres of Eyebrook Trout Fishery is home to four miles of easily accessible bank fishing with its fleet of 26 boats and 3 wheely boats with access for float tubers.

Eyebrook Reservoir is now a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and as a result, the fishing season operates from March to the end of October.

It is a hugely popular fishing destination as it is stocked with triploid rainbows and a healthy population of natural browns. Anglers are asked to return any browns that are caught.

Anglers Paradise

Location: Beaworthy, Devon

Aptly named Anglers Paradise, there are more than 30 lakes located here that provide choice for every level of fishing.

There’s four miles of bank fishing on offer and 12 lakes so you can enjoy fishing in a relaxed environment that offers you some freedom.

Visitors with mobility issues can head to the Easy Access Lake as this is close to the car park and offers anglers species such as carp, cats, tench, orfe, rudd and all of the golden variety.

There is accommodation at the venue if you are looking to make a weekend of it and the villas are wheelchair friendly.

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