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Why should you join the National Trust?

20th July 2021


The National Trust are a world-renowned organisation that prides itself on maintaining and preserving some of the UK’s most historic landmarks, houses and attractions so that the general public can enjoy them the same way they were enjoyed by our ancestors.

Founded in 1895 the trust now owns almost 250,000 hectares of land and 780 miles of stunning coastline. For those who are thinking about joining the National Trust and learning more about the history of the UK and some of its houses and land then continue reading as this article looks at some of the reasons you should join the National Trust.

You will save money


It goes without saying that buying a National Trust membership will save you money, with a selection of different memberships to choose from, you can visit a whole host of trust locations completely free when you sign up. Victoria, a blogger from A Day Out In England loves the National Trust and explains a little more about how getting a membership can save you money:

"There are so many options to enjoy with the National Trust – if you like days out in England then a membership will really open up the country for you. A National Trust membership is also a great way to plan your spending on days out and is a brilliant way to save money. There are hundreds of options for amazing attractions to see and even more places to park around the country too.”

Jen, blogger at Mighty Mama Bear also agrees that the membership is a great way to save money whilst still allowing the family to get out and about:

“We love visiting National Trust properties and have been National Trust members for around six years. As a child, we spent so many family days out at various National Trust places, and I knew it was something I wanted to do with my own children. The monthly cost for a family of five is so reasonable and we visit at least once a month (more during the warmer months) so it's fantastic value. We love being able to get the family away from technology and sitting indoors and going out exploring. There are brilliant properties and castles to visit where you can learn about local history and beautiful gardens to explore. We also love the various events that run throughout the years, including Easter and Christmas celebrations. We recommend National Trust membership to everyone we know!”

National Trust membership options:

  • Joint – The joint membership options allows two adults (aged 18+) living at the same address to join. A joint membership is £120 a year or £10 a month for 12 months.
  • Family – A family membership allows two adults (aged 18+) living at the same address and their children or grandchildren (17 or under) to join for either £126 a year or £10.50 a month for 12 months, or one adult (aged 18+) and their children or grandchildren (17 or under) to join for £78 a year or £6.50 a month for 12 months. Under 5s go free.
  • Individual – If you want to explore National Trust locations alone then you can buy an individual membership. If you are over the age of 26 it’ll be £72 a year or £6 a month for 12 months. If you are 18-25 then this will be £36 a year, or if you are 0-17 years then this is £10 a year.
  • Life – If you want to become a lifetime member of the National Trust then there are several options open to you:
    • Individual - £1,730 standard or £1,295 for senior (over 60).
    • Joint - £2,160 standard and £1,620 (is one member of the partnership is over 60)
    • Family – £2,265 standard.

You aren’t limited on attractions


Once you have joined the National Trust there are no limits to the number of locations you can visit. With over 500 locations that are looked after by 65,000 helpful volunteers, there is plenty for you to get exploring, as Victoria explains.

“There’s no limit on how many places you can see in a year with a National Trust membership, or how many times you can visit. Within just a few days out you’ll have made your money back, guaranteed. You also don’t have the hassle of picking up tickets, getting parking tickets or working out your finances for the day. National Trust membership is a great idea for anyone who likes getting out and about!”

The helpful National Trust map allows you to explore the UK and locate some of your local attractions, or if you’re planning a staycation, this feature is really useful. Find a little more out about some of the locations near you and plan your upcoming visit with ease.

Steve Hanson the founder of Senior Travel Expert spoke to us about the benefits of joining the National Trust and the amount you are able to see and explore: “With overseas travel not recommended at the moment, then visiting National Trust properties can provide great days out, particularly on weekdays when there are relatively few children around! Gaze at the portraits and fine furnishings in the stately homes and marvel at the history of ancient abbeys and castles. Meander through well-manicured gardens, being pleased you are not responsible for the gardening. Explore landscaped parklands and lakes if you are feeling nimble, but not forgetting to call in at the café somewhere along the way for coffee and cakes. And note that if you intend to visit several National Trust sites, then taking out annual membership can save you a lot of money.”

It is accessible to all 


The beauty of a National Trust membership is that it is accessible to anyone and everyone no matter what your age. Anyone can purchase a National Trust membership and people of all ages are already members.

The benefit of many of their locations is that they are also accessible for those with limited mobility. Although some areas of houses or indoor locations may be a little trickier for those in a wheelchair there are still stunning gardens, cafes, and shops that everyone can enjoy. Many of the car parks are flat and wheelchair friendly, there will always be an accessible toilet on-site and many of the gardens on offer are wide and flat enough for those who may usually rely on straight or curved stairlifts.

To find out more information the trust has a page dedicated to disabled visitors wanting to visit their locations, read more on the Access For Everyone page.

It allows you to explore the UK


With locations across the whole of the UK, what better way to explore the beauty and history of the UK. With free access to a whole host of National Trust locations your membership could lead you to some of the UK’s most magical locations from coastal coves in Cornwall to heritage castles in Scotland, the possibilities are endless.

With free entry, you don’t need to worry about the cost of visiting all your favourite homes and gardens as you are covered by your membership, all you have to do is plan your visit and enjoy the stunning sights and magical history that lies before you. Why not start planning a National Trust tour of your local area or enjoy a road trip dotted with some of your favourites? Either way, you are not going to be left disappointed by your membership or the locations on offer.

It helps preserve the history of the UK


By joining the National Trust, not only are you giving yourself the opportunity to explore stunning locations and enjoy family days out, but you are supporting the preservation and conservation of some of the UK’s most precious houses, land and areas of natural beauty as Olly from the blog Savvy Dad explains:

"Now, more than ever, people are finding comfort in exploring the great outdoors. There's something about being out in the fresh air exploring heritage woodlands, historic ruins and stately homes that brings a sense of peace to me and I have to say places like those included within the National Trust membership really offer you the chance to slow down and experience beauty, nature and conservation with loved ones. Looking back at the photos I've taken over the last decade with my parents, children and friends, I've found that many special memories have been formed visiting National Trust conservation areas and properties. Joining the National Trust can be an amazing way to not only support the preservation of some truly amazing places but also gain discounted access to parking, food and facilities not publicly open at affordable prices. If you know you're likely to visit their properties regularly, signing up is a no brainer and will help make many memories of the years."

If you’re thinking about joining the National Trust then hopefully some of these reasons have swayed your decision. Not only is the National Trust and a yearly membership a lovely way of enjoying time with family and friends, but it is also a lovely way to support the preservation of the UK’s history. 

Why should you join the National Trust?

  • You will save money
  • You aren’t limited on attractions
  • It is accessible to all
  • It allows you to explore the UK
  • It helps preserve the history of the UK

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