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Wigan council maintain elderly care despite cuts

17th June 2014

Wigan Council bosses have said that they intend to maintain the level of care local elderly residents receive despite government cuts to funding. Town Hall bosses have promised to ensure that elderly care and services aren’t compromised as a result of further government cuts, which will enable older residents to continue living independently in their own homes.

In order to make such promises a reality, Wigan council are working closely with health partners to develop new ways to better support the area’s elderly and vulnerable, helping them lead more independent lives despite the inevitable government financial cuts. Many of these residents want to remain in their homes and while mobility aids such as electric stairlifts and hand rails go a long way towards making this happen, home care is a much needed service in helping older people live in their homes.

Fighting back

Despite financial cuts, Wigan Council are working with a number of organisations to ensure they can continue to provide a well-rounded service to the area’s elderly and vulnerable, which will, in-turn, further benefit the wider community as it eases pressure on the NHS and other publicly funded services.

One such method of continuing services to the elderly is through combining care where possible and using initiatives set out by the Better Care Fund. The fund works by utilising the integration of health and social care to ensure neither service is compromised, which helps the elderly stay fit and healthy whilst still living in their own homes.

While Wigan Council recognise that there is now a larger demand than ever before for such services, they are committed to helping their elderly residents retain the independence and home service that they have grown accustomed to. While cuts may begin to impact on elderly care, such aids as walk in baths and showers can work towards reducing the need for such a level of home care whilst ensuring the home retains its status as a safe environment.


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