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8 hobbies you can enjoy from your rise and recline chair

16th October 2014

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs while sat in your orthopaedic rise and recline chair, it may be that you would benefit from taking up a new hobby.

Whether you fancy being creative, learning something new or remaining active, our list of hobbies that you can enjoy while sitting down will hopefully provide you with some inspiration for keeping yourself occupied.

Crochet and Knitting

Two popular hobbies of those that like to keep their hands busy are crochet and knitting. Both are very similar, in that loops of material are pulled through other loops, although different apparatus and materials tend to be used.

Not only will they provide hours of fun, but you will eventually have a finished product at the end, which you can keep for yourself, give away as a gift, or even sell. You may also like to try your hand at embroidery or cross stitching, which are similar craft activities. All are easy hobbies to take up, with starter kits available in many high street stores or online.

Sudoku and crosswords

Keeping the brain stimulated in old age is highly recommended, and a great way to do so is by completing puzzles such as Sudoku or crosswords. There are numerous ways to play these games, either in newspapers, books, online or on games consoles such as the Nintendo DS. Challenge yourself by working your way through the different levels and train yourself to be an expert.

If you’ve got a laptop or tablet to hand there are some great free Sudoku puzzles on, with levels ranging from Easy to Evil!


For most of us, music is a large part of our lives, reminding us of certain memories, helping us to relax or just simply lifting spirits. Taking the time to listen to songs by your favourite artists can immediately uplift your mood, and tuning in to the radio can be a superb way of discovering new talent.

You may wish to apply yourself to something new and learn to read music or teach yourself to play a musical instrument. Whichever takes your fancy, all of these can be practised from the comfort of your rise and recliner chair.


One of the most traditional hobbies of all time has to be reading. From reading the daily newspaper to losing yourself in a novel, it’s a great pastime and will help to keep your brain active. For those that are unable to visit the library regularly, the Kindle is a fantastic piece of technology that gives you access to millions of books from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to test yourself, you could even teach yourself to learn a language or expand on knowledge that you already have by reading books on a particular subject. Also, if you struggle with bad sight, then audiobooks are the perfect solution, with many narrated by famous names such as Stephen Fry.

Painting and drawing

For those that are able to boast artistic flair, why not take up painting or drawing? Set up a canvas in front of your chair and recreate images from memory, or create your own version of a photograph or picture from a book or magazine. However, if you feel that your artistic skills aren’t quite up to scratch, why not get creative by putting together themed photo books or scrapbooks, documenting previous holidays or family memories?

Model making

Whether you are a beginner or fancy starting a new project, model making is a very rewarding hobby and one that is enjoyed by many. No matter your interest, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find models to match, with kits ranging from aircraft and cars to buildings and figures. With most kits including all that you’ll need, it’s easy to get started and will provide you with a collection to be proud of once you get going.


It is important to remain active when possible, and exercise can enhance your well-being, help you sleep and improve your posture. Even if you find sitting in your rise and recliner chair or using a home stair lift more comfortable, there are still a number of exercises you can try whilst sitting down, and the NHS exercise routine is perfect for those that require sitting exercises. Alternatively, you may wish to invest in a Wii console, which offers a number of games to work the arm muscles.

Create a blog

If you happen to be internet savvy and have access to a laptop, creating an online blog can be a fantastic creative outlet. Whether you wish to document your interests, tell stories about your past or even raise awareness about a medical condition you may have, it’s a great way to focus and engage your brain with writing. You’ll also benefit from making friends with those in the blogging community, as you will be able to socialise and share ideas with those that have similar interests.

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