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Care expert calls for live-in care for elderly

13th February 2014

A Gloucestershire care expert has said that live-in care could be the best option for the nation’s elderly residents and could help them to maintain a good level of independence for longer. The expert has hailed the benefits of live-in care as it can help to prolong the length of time the elderly can live in their own homes.

Live-in care is a positive option for elderly residents as, while they can be aided by mobility help such as stairlifts for narrow stairs and other devices around the home, a live-in carer can provide extra reassurance and help them keep a reasonable level of personal independence for longer. Live-in care could provide the solution to many of the issues that the country is facing when it comes to our ageing population, as it could reduce pressure put on the NHS with care being delivered at home rather than in hospital.

Live-in care agencies

While live-in care can give answers to many of the biggest issues facing the older population in Britain that technical home adaptations such as electric riser recliner chairs can only go so far towards solving, the problem the country faces is that not enough people are aware of such services. The managing director of live-in care company Corinium Care said in this article, “the problem we face as an industry is that live-in care is hardly mentioned when the issue of the ageing population comes up at Westminster and within the NHS”.

Despite Britain facing the great challenge of a rapidly ageing population, it is often forgotten just how fortunate the nation is, with the numerous services and technologies which can assist in making later life more comfortable and help to prolong independence and self-sufficiency. Handicare’s range of mobility aids is just one option available to the wider public which can work towards these improvements to independence and comfort.

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