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Choosing the right bed for those with limited mobility

3rd June 2022


For those with limited mobility or those who often use aids to help them inside or out of the home day-to-day, then considering a bed that is suited to their mobility needs is probably something they haven’t considered as for many, they simply don’t realise there is such a thing. There is an abundance of beds on the market so you can pick one which is perfect for you.

In this article, we take a look at some top tips for choosing the right mobility bed, from considering the engineering and design to the additional features and services it can offer you. Keep on reading to find out more.

Tips for choosing the right mobility bed:

  • Consider your mobility needs
  • Bed design and engineering
  • Additional bed features
  • The installation processes

Consider your mobility needs

Looking into a mobility bed is much like looking into other aids like stairlifts and walk in shower enclosures in that they can all be tailored to suit your needs, and not every model will suit you and your requirements. It is wise to talk to a medical professional beforehand and they’ll be able to offer you some guidance on what sort of features you should be looking out for.

For example, if you struggle to sit upright and get in and out of bed easily, then an adjustable backrest will suit you really well and allow you to get in and out of the sleeping position easily and safely. If you find the process of getting out of bed an issue on your joints, then looking at lowered beds is a good idea.

Bed design and engineering

Just because the bed has moving parts, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t match your home’s décor and styling. It is worth shopping around when looking for an adjustable bed as there will be numerous styles and designs that you can choose from.

When looking at beds in person, make sure you test them out and use the functions as you would at home, you don’t want to buy a bed and then decide you don’t like the functions, this is something that the website Mobility Furniture Company talks about:

“Adjustable beds need to have the right foundation. You need to take the time to check the different adjustable beds available before making a purchase. Find out if the bed moves quickly on command when using the remote control. Check if the motions are smooth or jerky. The base should also operate quietly if it has quality motors. After checking the engineering, you need to understand if the bed’s design is what you need. If a bed promises to provide lumbar support, it should have a design that aligns the spine. Check out the seams, edges, and every aspect of the bed for smooth joints, excellent finish, sturdiness, and quality materials. Don’t forget that style also matters if you’re looking for a bed that matches your decor.”

Design and engineering features to look for on a mobility bed:

  • Sturdiness
  • Quality materials
  • Well-constructed
  • Smooth movement
  • Quality motors
  • Quiet operation

Additional bed features


Additional bed features can come in all shapes and sizes and will help those with a variety of mobility issues get in and out of bed easily, as well as offer a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. It is worth considering if you require these additional features before purchasing or ordering a bed, a few of these features can be found below.

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The motor

Having a motor in your bed means that you will be able to move your bed up and down quickly, easily and from your sleeping position without strenuous movements. It is worth asking about what sort of motor has been installed in the bed and doing a bit of research into the durability and quality of the motor to make sure you are getting the best offering.

Hand controls

Hand controls can vary depending on the manufacturer and company that are building or selling the bed but making sure you can use and understand the hand controls sounds very simple but is really important. If you need to get in and out of your bed quickly or in an emergency, then knowing the functions of the bed is crucial.

Head and leg raising functions

One of the main benefits of a bed for those with mobility issues is the raising and lowering function allowing you to raise and lower yourself out of bed, sit up and raise your legs all at the push of a button. Make sure you check that these raise high enough and create the movements that you require and need to help you.

The installation processes

Another consideration you should have when choosing a new bed is to think about the installation process and waiting times. If you are in desperate need of a bed, then you don’t want to be waiting 10 weeks for it to be delivered.

The installation and set-up process should be smooth and efficient, and the company should be setting up the bed on your behalf to avoid unnecessary stress and worry.

If you’re looking at improving your quality of sleep or want to look into getting a bed to aid with your mobility, then hopefully some of these top tips have given you a little guidance on what to look out for. For more tips, guides, and advice, make sure to visit our news page

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