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Driverless cars on the road next year

14th August 2014

Driverless cars are set to be gracing the roads of Britain as soon as January next year thanks to a new government ruling that could see those with poor mobility or disabilities experience increased independence.

The announcement is set to be well received by those who rely on home stairlifts and mobility aids to get around, as it could mean a new lease of independence sooner than they might have previously anticipated.

“Giving the elderly more mobility”

Following on from this previous article on Google’s driverless car, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable has announced that these new cars will be trialled out in three UK cities as early as next year.

The benefits that come with the introduction of these vehicles appear to greatly outweigh the negatives put forward by some sceptics. UK Automotive leader at Deloitte, David Raistrick, said of the vehicles in this article, “It will potentially allow large haulage vehicles to become driverless, thus safeguarding other road users including cyclists and pedestrians, giving the elderly more mobility and allowing society as a whole to become safely connected whilst on the move.”

While Raistrick admits that we are still probably a decade away from seeing the widespread public use of driverless cars, the latest announcement is still regarded as a step in the right direction for those who are reliant on home aids such as walk in showers and baths, where their mobility could be increased significantly as a result. The driverless cars are expected to come to the market priced around the same as that of a premier saloon or sports car before being put out at mass-market price, but this is a cost that many will be willing to pay to experience outdoor independence.

As cities look to bid for the £10 million funding to acquire the new vehicles, the country will be looking to see how driverless cars could become a part of our future as a more mobile society.

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