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Historic hall improves access with stairlift

28th March 2014

As part of a £260,000 renovation of Scarth Hall in Staindrop, project managers are looking to install a stairlift to make the site more accessible to all. The new plans are set to turn the hall into a community facility in line with contemporary needs with a stairlift to provide access to upstairs.

Scarth Hall was first built in 1875 in memory of the land agent to the Duke of Cleveland of Raby Castle, Mr T.F. Scarth. With the building having survived wars and a series of small updates, these new plans look to really bring the Scarth Memorial Village Hall into the 21st century. The hall is still used for its original intended purpose - that of serving village life through acting as a venue for both private and public local functions - and the renovation is set to make the hall serve this purpose even better.

The revamp plans

While companies supplying stairlifts in Manchester and nearby serve elderly residents in their homes, the addition of a new stairlift in the hall will make the facility an accessible community site for all to enjoy. The stairlift will be joined by a new up-to-date kitchen and a single storey toilet block as a part of this ‘high-tech makeover’ to make the hall more accessible for visitors of all mobility capabilities.

The hall hosts regular lunches for pensioners so the addition of the stairlift, as well as the new safety features and super-efficient heating system, will ensure the hall is more akin to the comfort they feel in their rise and recliner chair at home. The Scarth Hall committee and local villagers are hoping that the new modifications will make the hall a truly vital asset to the village and continue to serve people of all ages.

The renovation is said to have come about as a result of successful fundraising, which shows just how much the community values this local facility and hopes to preserve it for future generations.

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