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Most inspirational older adults

26th June 2020

Perceptions surrounding getting older are changing and as some people fully embrace their retirement, there are some that are breaking records and proving to the world that age is just a number. These individuals have not only succeeded but prospered in their fields in their later years, receiving not only respect from their fans in that area but often across the media around the world.

Though some adults may be affected by limited mobility and reliant on aids like stairlifts, there are some people who have continued their passions past retirement.

Take a look at the below infographic to find out about some of the most inspirational older adults in the world and what their achievements are. You can then read on for more information about them and some of their biggest achievements.

Most inspirational older adults

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As you will see from the above infographic, there are lots of inspirational older adults from across the globe. Click on their names to read more information about them.

  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Sir Captain Thomas Moore
  • Flo Meiler
  • Fyodor Konyukhov
  • Georgina Harwood
  • Fauja Singh
  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Johanna Quaas

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has become a much loved and respected figure all over the world and she is now the world’s oldest and longest-reigning monarch.

During her reign, she has travelled more widely than any other British monarch and has been a figurehead for the Commonwealth.

Despite being 94-years-old, Her Majesty still carries out a full programme of events that ranges from hosting Heads of State and visiting schools, to leading the nation in Remembrance and other events.

Captain Sir Thomas Moore

Popularly known as Captain Tom, he is a former British Army officer who served in India and Burma. He shot to fame when, at the age of 99, he began to walk laps of his garden to raise money for NHS Charities Together in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His aim was to raise £1,000 by his birthday, but his story was picked up by the national media and on the morning of his 100th birthday his walk had raised over £30 million.

He also featured in a version of the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and the proceeds went to charity and the single topped the UK music charts, making him the oldest person to achieve a UK number one.

Flo Meiler

Flo Meiler has always had an interest in sports, competing as a tennis player in the senior Olympics, she soon found her calling on the track. As a great grandmother, her training schedule could be seen as extreme but she shows no sign of slowing down and has broken records and received more than 700 medals for her age group in the discus, 60-metre hurdles and the hammer throw among other sports.

Pole vault is one of Flo Meiler’s most popular events and she is the US and world record holder in the 75-79 and 80-84 age brackets.

Fyodor Konyukhov


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Fyodor Konyukhov is not only known for his art but also the various daring stunts he has attempted, which include sailing, rowing, ballooning and dog sledging. In 2016 he became the second person to navigate the world in a balloon and set a new record-breaking time. It is also believed that Konyukhov is to be the only person to have reached the four most extreme points on the planets, these include the top of Mount Everest, the North Pole, the South Pole and the pole of inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean.

As an artist, he was accepted into the Union of Artists of the USSR in 1983 and at that point, he was one of the youngest members (at age 31) and is the creator of more than 3,000 paintings. To top everything off he is also an ordained priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Georgina Harwood

Georgina Harwood is a South African Centenarian who celebrated her biggest birthday by jumping out of a plane, this was her third since her 92nd birthday, but that is not where her daredevil exploits ended, swimming with sharks was planned shortly after. Georgina told The Telegraph: “Do it now! Whether it’s comfortable or uncomfortable, good or bad, relaxing or challenging – don’t delay.”

Though many may not feel up to skydiving on any birthday, let alone their 100th, there is definitely a lot to be said for straying outside of the comfort zone. Henrik Edberg runs The Positivity Blog and has some great tips on stepping outside of your comfort zone just a little.

Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh is famed for being a centenarian marathon runner. He ran his first London Marathon in 2000 and he has beaten a variety of world records in multiple age brackets.

He went on to complete a further eight London Marathons and he is believed to be the oldest marathon runner in the world. His last competitive race was a 10km run in Hong Kong when he was 101 years old.

Mr Singh, who worked as a farmer in Punjab before moving to the UK in 1992, has clocked times of 5 hours 40 minutes when he was in his 90s at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Sir David Attenborough


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Sir David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, natural historian and narrator who is known across the world.

He has been on everyone’s screens for more than 65-years and he is, therefore, a world-record holder for boasting the longest career as a TV presenter.

He first appeared on television screens back in September 1953 on a children’s nature TV show called Animal Disguises, which aired on the BBC. He went on to present the popular series called Zoo Quest that ran from 1954 to 1963.

Other popular nature documentaries he has worked on include, Dynasties Life on Earth, The Life of Birds and Planet Earth.

Johanna Quaas

Johanna Quaas, who was born in Germany in November 1925, is the oldest gymnast in the world and is a regular competitor in amateur competitions in Saxony, Germany.

She became an official world record holder after performing a floor and beam routine in a competition in Rome, Italy back in April 2012.

Johanna Quass started gymnastics when she was only 3-years-old. She then went on to become a PE teacher before she re-started her gymnastics career. Quass went on to win 11 medals during her senior years.

These inspirational older adults show that age is just a number and no matter whether you are in need of a stairlift because you have limited mobility, you can still active and learn new things and create lasting legacies of your own.


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