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Medieval museum opens its doors to stairlift users

17th March 2014

A brilliant medieval market house and museum in Elstow, Bedfordshire has now opened its doors to the public on Saturdays with special stair-lift access for mobility restricted visitors. The popular Moot Hall offers even those with serious mobility restrictions the chance to explore its upper floor with stairs or the use of their stair-lift.

The Moot Hall and Elstow Village Green is now a conservation area that is immensely popular with local residents of all ages as it presents a delightful insight into the world of renowned Christian writer John Bunyan, who was born in the area in the 17th century. For this reason, under the restoration of the building and museum, those in charge have ensured that everyone now has full access to the hall with their much-needed stairlift installation.

A short history of the museum

Moot Hall was beautifully restored to its current glory in 1951 for the Festival of Britain, when it was then subsequently opened to the public as a museum detailing life in the 17th century. To achieve this, builders reverted the building back to what it was like originally to ensure its longevity but with some small contemporary extras such as the stairlift, to make the museum more comfortable and enticing to the public.

The building was fitted with electric power and heating to ensure that it was not too much of a shock in terms of climate for elderly visitors leaving the comfort of their heated rise and recliner chairs behind. Moot Hall also benefitted from damp proofing, but all in all the museum bosses tried to ensure that as much of the original structure was kept as it was, even retaining the old roof underneath a newly fitted one to protect it and the building.

With the museum now to be open on Saturdays, even more residents and visitors to the Elstow area will be able to come and explore the interesting museum and see what things would have been like in the area all those years ago.

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