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Norwich Airport increases access

27th August 2014

Norwich International Airport has taken a huge step towards improving access in becoming one of the UK’s first airports to implement special ramps that provide access for passengers with reduced mobility. The special boarding ramps from Aviramps were introduced in July and offer elderly and mobility restricted passengers better access to the airport’s aircrafts.

The ramps are said to be of benefit to other travelling passengers also, with parents with small children being able to board more easily, but the biggest benefit of the new ramps by far is that it allows elderly passengers and those with reduced mobility to avoid the stairs, much like stairlift installation in the home does.

A huge impact

The ramps are said to have already made a huge impact on the way in which passengers with limited mobility board flights at Norwich, with passengers who struggle to climb stairs and those who use wheelchairs accessing their flight more easily than ever before.

As the world’s only provider of portable jet bridges, Aviramp offers Norwich Airport a unique solution to mobility difficulty in travel. Aviramp is said to bring all the features of a traditional style terminal connected jet-way, but with all the added benefits of offering travellers with more limited mobility a safe and comfortable route onto the plane.

CEO of Norwich International Airport, Andrew Bell, said of the revolutionary new ramp in this article, “We are committed to making the airport experience an easier, speedier and less stressful one for all of our passengers and the arrival of the Aviramp system is another step towards improving their journey through the airport.”

The ramps offer something that goes hand in hand with the design of all mobility aids, from leather rise and recliner chairs to contemporary mobility scooters; it offers travellers the opportunity to board the plane independently as all they have to do is make their way up the ramp. With aeroplane travel being the primary method of travelling to other countries, these ramps could be seen in more UK airports so that those with mobility difficulties can enjoy better access to international travel.

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