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Reading in recliners: Books for those with mobility difficulties

17th October 2014

Reading is an enjoyable activity at any age. Whether you fell in love with reading at school or in retirement, there is a fantastic selection of books and magazines available to suit every taste, and birthday.

From informative reads that help with the decision between stairlift companies, to enjoyable fiction that shows the lighter side of mobility difficulty, this guide will look to introduce some insightful books on the subject. Whether you suffer from limited mobility yourself or are the friend or family member of someone who does, the following works could be of both great interest and use.


Stair Lifts: Move Up, Not Out!

Unsure as to whether the time has come to have a stairlift installed in your home? As well as receiving a personal visit from the helpful staff at Handicare who could answer any questions or concerns you may have about your individual circumstances, you could read on the subject in Andy Darnley’s 2013 work. Stair Lifts: Move Up, Not Out! offers a compelling read on all of the benefits and implications of introducing a stairlift into your home. The main theme of the book centres on the independence you can gain through implementing such mobility aids in your home and offering advice on how to stay in your home as long as you choose to. The work of non-fiction not only illustrates all of the physical benefits of installing a stairlift as well as the effects this implementation can have on one’s mental state and frame of mind where the simple act of being able to ascend your own staircase again can significantly improve your way of life.


Stairlift to Heaven series


Famed comedy writer Terry Ravenscroft may be better known for his work on the scripts of the likes of Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies and Kenn Dodd but his Stairlift to Heaven books are also incredibly popular with readers of all generations. With the first in the series Stairlift to Heaven receiving over 100 five star rating in customer reviews on Amazon, he has certainly taken to writing from an older perspective. Now on his third edition in the series Stairlift to Heaven 3 - Almost There: Growing even older and even more disgracefully, the books are written as the journal of an OAP and whilst depicting scenarios from a light-hearted standpoint that will have you leaving the reading glasses on, they still certainly offer some valuable lessons in approaching old age.


For the less confident of readers, there are many other reading options beyond the likes of large print books and other publishing forms. Magazines offer a great way to gain access to both informative and entertaining articles, without the need for fumbling around trying to find your page again. Here we have a selection of the best to be read from the support and comfort of an orthopaedic riser recliner chair.

Access Magazine

With all the latest news, lifestyle features and travel information, Access Magazine is more than a disability magazine, it is a lifestyle magazine with tonnes of tips and useful information to help those with mobility difficulties live the life to the full. This monthly magazine is the leading product guide for the disability health-care sector and offers practical care advice and activities for the elderly as well as offering advice from a range occupational health experts, leading charity advisors and government agencies on improving the quality of life for those with mobility difficulties.

Enable Magazine

Similarly, Enable Magazine is a great disability lifestyle magazine that focuses on what people with mobility difficulties can do rather than what they can’t. The focus of the publication is on people rather than products and regularly features inspirational stories from real life people who have gone through situations that all people with physical impairments can relate to.

Able Magazine

If the previous two choices weren’t enough then Able Magazine is another great read for people with mobility difficulties looking for genuine information and features that are interesting to every reader, not just those with mobility difficulty. This magazine also has a fantastic digital edition and their website is incredibly user friendly so if you have a laptop to hand you can easily browse the latest updates and news features online at your leisure.

These are just a selection of the great books and publications available in the current market offering not only practical information for the older reader but also entertainment and enjoyment from reading. For even more reading material, be sure to check out Handicare Mobility News section for more articles such as this and up to date news features that affect you.

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