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Spotting the signs that you need to replace your chair

16th August 2014

When it comes to replacing something that has been a part of your daily life and home for a long time can be a tough decision to make. Recliner chairs can end up being a huge part of our lives as they are not only a helpful mobility aid that makes relaxing easier and more comfortable, but as such a staple part of home furniture they can become an almost irreplaceable part of a room.

While this may be the case, there comes a time when people may need to replace dual motor rise recliner chairs in their home for either safety, comfort or aesthetic reasons. Here, this guide looks to introduce you to what you might need to look out for when your chair gets to a certain age.

  1. Fading

There may be nothing better than relaxing in a leather chair in the midday sun coming through your living room window, but unfortunately this can often lead to chair fabric fading and, particularly with leather, this can see the surface of the chair crack and wear. While the chair may still be fully functioning, this may be a good sign to tell when it’s time to start thinking about getting a new recliner chair.

So look for irregularities in the colouring of the chair, where it may have discoloured or faded more on one side, and this will be a sure sign that your chair might soon need replacing.

  1. Wear and Tear

Similarly, visible wear and tear is often a good benchmark as to how much more use you will get out of your chair. Leather recliners in particular can crack, but other materials can fray and the stitching can break or become lose with use. Keep an eye on the quality and texture of the material, and if it seems to be thinning then you might want to think about chair repair or replacement.

  1. Outdated technology

While wear and tear is an important factor to keep an eye on, most old recliner chairs are more obvious from their outdated technology. Nowadays, recliner chairs come with all sorts of features that can make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. From single and dual motor options to integrated battery backup safety features, if your chair doesn’t include the latest technologies it won’t be up to the latest safety standards.

If you currently have a battery backup feature, don’t forget to replace the battery if it has not been used for a long time. This will ensure that the backup will be ready when you need it most.

  1. Out of style

Finally, style is another tell-tale sign. While possibly not as important as the safety features, it is a good way to tell how old recliner chairs are and often is the reason that many wish to change their model. Like all mobility aids, from scooters to stair lifts for narrow stairs, with development comes new and appealing designs that fit your home and your tastes better. You can even get your chair to match your suite, with the best companies now offering material match for your other furniture.

So if you think your recliner chair is getting a bit on the worn side, it may be time to think about adding a new addition to your home. With so many choices and features now available, you may be hoping your chair needs replacing!

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