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Stairlift specialist develops app that shows stairlifts in the home

25th April 2013

A provider of stairlifts and other mobility aids, such as homelifts has recently launched a new mobile and tablet application which allows users to see how a stairlift could look inside their very own home.

The app is a great way for those who are thinking of installing stairlifts to see almost exactly how one of the devices could look in their own home. Installing a stairlift can be a big change and quite a substantial addition to a home that has been made into a place of comfort and safety, and this new app can help put minds at ease.

Handicare's Vision app is available for both Apple and Android devices, allowing smartphone and tablet users to access this useful service. The app works by using augmented reality, allowing users to create a computer modified reality. A live and direct view of the real world is augmented by computer-generated sounds, videos, graphics or GPS data, and in the case of the Vision app, the image of a stairlift is placed on top of the real world view of the staircase in someone's home.

The result of the Vision app is that customers can see a 3D rendition of how a stairlift would look on their very own staircase, and thanks to the hard work of augmented reality app developers, users can even walk around their chosen section of staircase and see what the stairlift would look like from a number of different angles.

The app can, of course, be useful when a stairlift specialist makes a home visit and can present the customer with a range of products, but it can also be used by anyone who has only just started thinking about how they could benefit from installing a stairlift.

As well as finding out more about the practicality of the stairlift, the augmented reality app also allows users to experiment with the appearance of the product, choosing from a selection of different seats with varying functionalities and style.

The Vision app is available to download free of charge and is particularly useful for those who have previously purchased chairs for the elderly and are hoping to experience the same ease of mobility with their staircase. Why not check out Handicare's Vision app today, and see just how easily a stairlift can be integrated into your home, helping preserve your independence?

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