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Thinking about buying a riser recliner chair?

18th November 2015

There are several varying kinds of new riser recliner chairs on the market today, and the many different models all come with different leathers and fabrics, which can make the task of choosing a chair that best suits you somewhat tricky.

Firstly, it is important to clarify that there are only two main types of recliner chair: dual motor and single motor products. A dual motor chair allows users to control the backrest with one motor and the footrest with a second while. With single motor chairs, the backrest and footrest always move at the same time.

The main sticking point for many customers looking to buy a recliner chair, however, is usually the material and fabric which covers it. So, with this in mind, we will take you through the different types of material that recliner chairs are available with.

Anti-fungal chairs

If your home is quite large and can get cold and damp in the winter, you may be used to your home furniture getting mouldy at times.

If this is the case, then you should consider buying a rise and recliner chair that has anti-fungal fabrics. Doing this will mean that you won’t have to worry about the chair getting damaged in this way, as its specially designed anti-fungal fabric will actively fight against the onset of mould.

Full-grain leathers

Full-grain leather recliner chairs offer their users a life of luxury, with these products boasting the best upholstery available.

These chairs don’t always have to be purchased brand new, as plenty of accessible used furniture including full-grain leather recliner chairs can be reconditioned at a reasonable expense.

Waterproof fabric chairs

If you want an outdoor recliner chair, however, then the must-have item is one that has waterproof fabric.

There are a range of waterproof chairs on the market which have been coated with waterproofing material, such as rubber, polyvinyl chloride or wax.

There are even some second-hand recliner chairs that are waterproof to be found out there for those who are happy taking some time to shop around; these have the advantage of potentially saving buyers a great deal of money, too.

Soft chenille fabric

Chenille fabric is perfect for recliner chairs, as this material not only offers maximum comfort but is very fashionable at the moment too.

Soft chenille fabric can be seen in many living rooms across the country; popular because of its sturdiness, the fabric is also commonly used for bedspreads, carpets and small rugs that are laid out in the bathroom next to toilets, sinks or walk in showers and baths for the home.

Chenille fabrics generally have to be dry cleaned, so if you are buying a rise and recliner chair you should try to keep it away from places where it can get wet.

Additional features

Once you’ve decided on the material or fabric that you wish your recliner chair to be made from, you can also take a look at adding a number of additional features. For extra comfort, you may wish to add head cushions, gel seating and memory foam footrests, with other luxury options including heat pads and massage points.

As for the appearance of the chair, you may wish to opt for arm covers or matching scatter cushions to help them look more in tune with the rest of your décor. It is also possible to request extra pockets for magazines and newspapers, as well as removable arms, which will be essential for those who need to side transfer from a wheelchair.

There’s even the opportunity to have matching sofas created, if you wish to have co-ordinating furniture in your home.

What to do next

Once you’ve decided that you would like to purchase a rise and recline chair, get in touch with a provider of your choice, who will carry out a free home demonstration. During this they will talk with you about your needs, now and in the future, and help you decide on a solution based on this. Talk about safety with the surveyor, who will be able to tell you about battery back-ups and safety barriers to prevent pets and small children getting stuck.

Depending on the provider, the demonstration should be free and you will be left with all the information you need to help make your decision, with a written quotation. Once you’ve thought about it you can get back in touch to take the next steps.

After the 7-day cooling off period, your chair will likely be delivered within three weeks. For bespoke chairs this will extend to four-five weeks. You will be given an accurate idea of when you can expect your recliner chair to be delivered.

If you’re looking for financial help to cover the cost of your recliner chair, there may be help available. The government’s Disabled Facilities Grant may be able to provide some financial help, depending on your eligibility. Although based on financing your stairlift, this guide may provide some other ideas.

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