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Tips for keeping on top of your housework

18th August 2020


Although many of us have had a lot more time on our hands recently, keeping up with housework can still be a chore and for those with limited mobility who require a straight stairlift to aid them in their home, it can be something they often don’t find easy.

In homes of any size from bungalows to detached houses, there always seems to be an endless list of jobs that need doing. This guide looks at some of the best tips to help you tackle your housework in an orderly and efficient manner.

Little and often


One of the best ways to keep on top of your to-do list is to complete them little and often. If you haven’t got a huge chunk of time set aside, that’s okay, just do smaller jobs as and when you have a spare moment. Jobs like wiping the sides, emptying the bins, washing up and mopping can be quick to complete so can be slotted into the day, making it much easier when you do have a little more time on your hands.

Nicola who runs the blog Nicola Says thinks that tackling tasks little and often is the best way to keep on track: “One great way to stay on top of the housework is to do things little and often. If you see a small job that needs doing, tackle it there and then. I try to pick up things as I see them and return them to where they belong or spend a few minutes cleaning kitchen surfaces while the kids eat dinner. 

“Tackling small jobs throughout the day or week can help keep clutter and dirt at bay, and it feels less like hard work. It also means you can steal back some of those precious hours in the evening for yourself and feel like you’re in control of how your home looks and feels.”



One of the best ways to keep on top of your housework is to minimise the amount of mess you have to deal with in the first place and a good declutter is a great place to start.

Decluttering is a great way of streamlining your belongings, and many people are guilty of holding onto things for a lot longer than they probably should. Tackle one room and one area at a time to save tiring yourself out. Sort your belongings into three piles; things to keep, things to put in the bin, things to take to charity. Try and be ruthless with the items, if you haven’t used it in the last year, it is probably time it went to a better home or in the rubbish.

Streamlining an area makes it a lot easier to clean quickly and efficiently, giving you a lot more space to work with.

Make a routine


One way to ensure you are keeping motivated when it comes to housework is by making a routine. Making a routine will not only motivate you but will also remind you what you need to get done on certain days. Split your house into rooms and tackle a room on each day of the week. If this doesn’t suit you, then use your weekends for cleaning and split your schedule up into hours of the day. This way you know exactly when you need to clean each area.

“This might sound very obvious, but we often forget how important it is to have a daily routine of certain tasks and chores that need to be done. There is always something to do and there are things that need to be done daily and some can be done weekly, fortnightly and so on. Therefore, it is important to make a routine for yourself and stick to it as much as possible to make your own life easier,” Best Cleaner Surrey report on their website.

Dedicate time


Much like making a routine, dedicating time to your chores is the first step to succeeding. Dedicate time and plan it on your schedule, this might be just you or the whole family.

Chores don’t have to be boring and getting the whole family involved can make it a lot more enjoyable. Set yourself a dedicated slot at the same time every week so you and any other members of your family who want to get involved know exactly when they need to be available.

Clean as you go


There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to clean as you go. Whilst you’re in the shower or the bath, wipe down the sides with a cloth, or spray the screens and wipe them to avoid smears. If you are in the kitchen and cooking dinner, wipe down the hob when you are done or give the oven a wipe. also reports on their website that tackling small chunks can be a great way to conquer a room: “Firstly, break up the tasks into smaller chunks and don’t try and tackle the whole house all at once. Experts say doing 20 minutes of physical activity a day is really good for the mind. If that activity tackles the housework too – like enthusiastically hoovering the living room floor – then even better. Pick one room and do a little bit on it each day until it’s in a better state, and then pick another area. If 20 minutes is too much, then just do five minutes, or two. Wash up one mug if that’s all you can manage – who cares, you’re doing great. Celebrate the wins, no matter how small.”

No matter how you like to tackle your cleaning, keeping your home clean and tidy is a great way to keep a positive mind and mental attitude. If getting around your home and cleaning is sometimes a struggle, a stairlift might be a good option for you, explore Handicare stair lift prices and see if any of the options suit you and your needs.

Tips for keeping on top of your housework

  • Little and often
  • Declutter
  • Make a routine
  • Dedicate time
  • Clean as you go

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