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Top tips for cleaning your walk in bath or shower

28th August 2014

Cleaning your bathroom is never a desirable task, but it needn’t be the hassle its reputation suggests. While for many who own a walk in bath or shower the key thing to remember is safety and staying as comfortable as possible whilst cleaning, there are many tools, tips and tricks that make the whole process easy and even enjoyable!

While many would much rather sit back in their comfortable rise and recline chairs than take on the task of cleaning their walk in bath or shower, it is certainly not as difficult as you may think. From the right products for the job to some easy to implement hints and tips, this guide looks to make bathroom cleaning nightmares a thing of the past.

  1. Clean regularly

Like many household chores, prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping your bathroom sparkling. If you make sure to clean regularly you will often find that you will hardly need to do a huge clean at all. By just spraying with some mild cleaning products and limescale remover before wiping down after your shower or bath, you may find that you will never be scrubbing on your hands and knees ever again! So keep a cleaning cloth and multi-use spray nearby and ensure that cleaning your bathroom becomes as much a habit as cleaning yourself, and both you and your new walk in showers and bath will stay sparkling.

  1. Get the right products

The right products for the job can make light work of bathroom cleaning and can also save your delicate skin from reactions to harsh chemicals too. If you take heed of tip number one, you may never need to use such harsh products as bleach and sprays with abrasive chemicals. Ecover have a great selection of bathroom cleaners that are as good for the environment as they are for walk in baths and showers. To find out more about the type of cleaning products to invest in to keep your bathroom shiny and clean, have a read of this previous guide to top products for your walk in bath.

  1. Stay safe

While hygiene is immensely important in the bathroom, staying safe and avoiding slips and falls is of equal importance. Avoid any painful mishaps by putting bath mats down and using the right tools. There are plenty of extendable cleaning brushes and sponges available that help you reach those hard-to-get-to areas without putting yourself at risk, just visit your local homewares shop and browse the right tools for you and your bathroom.

  1. Don’t forget the hinges

Similarly, while it is often easy to forget about the parts of walk in baths and showers that you don’t see as much, it is vital to ensure that you keep every area clean, particularly the hinges and joins in the door. Hinges can be prone to rust and dirt build up if you don’t give them the due care and attention they deserve, so be sure to keep a smaller brush at the ready and clean them often. Even if you have a wet room, the shower head itself can become dirty quite easily but this is easily fixed by disconnecting the showerhead and allowing it to soak in a cleaning solution.

  1. Be eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly in cleaning walk in baths and showers is not only good for the environment, but, as stated above, it is also good for your skin and health. By using eco products or even making your own you can be sure that you are helping the environment, your bathroom and yourself. Click here for a great recipe for making your own tile cleaner; it’s easy and affordable.

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