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Venues with good accessibility see more return visits

25th October 2014

A study from Disabled Access Day and Euan’s Guide has found that an overwhelming majority of disabled individuals asked would revisit a venue that had good accessibility.

The main conclusion was that should a public venue benefit from such things as stair lift installation, disabled loos and staff trained in Disability Awareness, it is likely to see a significantly higher percentage of returning disabled visitors.

‘Public awareness of disability must be raised’

The survey conducted by Euan’s guide, a disabled access review website, and Disabled Access Day found that a mammoth 96 per cent of those asked stated that they were likely or very likely to return to venues with good accessibility. For those who rely on such everyday aids as walk in bath and shower enclosures, good accessibility in public venues is incredibly important to the quality of the visit.

The survey, which consisted of findings of which 65 per cent were from disabled individuals, also found that 86 per cent of those questioned said that knowing that you can get into and around a venue influenced their decision to visit somewhere.

Among the most accessible venues were hospitals and healthcare, museums and art galleries and cinemas and theatres, whilst shops, pubs and bars were among the least accessible.

The survey also reported on what respondents said of the guide and public accessibility for disabled individuals with one respondent stating, “Your guide is a great idea, public awareness of disability must be raised. My life is restricted by lack of disabled access and provision.” Another said, “Some places have a strange perception of what accessibility actually means!...just

a bit more thought would make accessibility a reality!”

What appeared to be most obvious from the findings of the survey was the need to improve access to public venues with staff training and environmental changes being among the most popular answers in how a venue could improve their accessibility, at 76 per cent and 87 per cent respectively.

To find accessible attractions in your area see our guide on top accessible attractions in the UK, which has all the information you need to plan an accessible day out with family and friends.

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